Absurd New Youtube Guideline Puts Entire Channels At Risk..

Look, I am all for fact checking but this new rule youtube has put into place seems like it’s got a major issue.

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. desperate times require desperate moves. and regarding how many idiots there are spouting nonsense about corona and spreading false intel therefore, i can totally understand and agree with this new rule. and now go on and cry about the WHO. what else should be used as a reference? or should we leave fact checking again to the people? (which they obviously only do as far as its necessary to support their oppinion) jesus fucking christ people all over the world including that idiot you showed at the beginning of the video dont take this disease seriously/say its all made up and something needs to be done to stop that idiotic behavior. when people stop reflecting their own behaviour and thoughts this has to happen. we are not at the point where "your own oppinion" is endangered but at a point where people build their oppinions out of fucking bullshit (like fake facts, personality disorders, a need to feel special and on and on and on) and with this endanger the lifes of OTHERS. because guess what? if it was people jumping off bridges saying the ground cant hurt them, then its their problem, but if they walk around spreading a disease that others might die from something needs to happen. and now cry me a river about how channels spreading conspiracy theories and false medicinal information are at risk. oh and of cause you gotta protect your orange man even he is the fucking idiot that got corona raging in the USA worth than anywhere else on the planet. you do realize most of the world is laughing at you since you got your "america first" now? congratu-fucking-lations.

  2. So let's try videos about mask wearing and how it isn't airborne or transfers fron human to human. YouTube is part of the agenda

  3. Communistic Regime of YouTube. Talk about skipping socialism and going straight for oppression. Just take a look at North Korea, not allowed any news or facts except what THEY deem fact or necessary to their beliefs. Everything else that speaks out against them is a punishable offence.

  4. The WHO lied and people died. There are STILL lying. The WHO is a terrorist organization along with the CCP and now YouTube is aiding and abetting a terrorist organization.

  5. cool, now we have censorship… ON A FUCKING SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. What the hell are they thinking? That is not the point on how a social media platform runs. Either way people are free to exchange their opinions (not regarding how much bullshit it can be) or this place can shut down, no point in keeping such a website alive. I am not surprised they removed the "broadcast yourself" slogan. There is no broadcast yourself anymore. Actually it ended after every idiot got the right to earn money on this website. I am glad I was never a part of this shit.

  6. ive looked into a few of these fact checking sites they use a program that compares to whats trending and i guess they have medical experts running this. and they know more than real drs