Acceptable Crowd or Protesters Wearing White?

The directive for protesters lately has been to wear white, especially today.

Written by Melbourne Ground


  1. Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of the United States once said, “THOSE WHO GIVE UP THEIR FREEDOMS FOR SAFETY, DESERVE NEITHER”. These people deserve both. End of story. And please, if you are a fascist, then have some balls, and just say it out loud and proud, instead of hiding your second hand opinions behind a wall of Terrorist police, whom you foolishly believe, are fighting your toxic cause !!

  2. Wouldn’t be funny if all of a sudden, everyone pulls out a placard and shouts “no more lockdowns! No jab mandates!” Then the police come in their hundreds and will charge as many people as they can for breaking the public health order.
    What a joke.

  3. Because it's the difference in action. The government is saying amoung them selves, if there not out protesting they can't motivate others to WAKE UP so let them think they have "freedom" & then we can't be seen as TYRANTS.

  4. Gestapo tactic is to let their prey walk out on the street thinking they are free, then drag them back inside and torture them all over again. It breaks their spirit. Same thing going on here.

  5. It’s a wonder they haven’t stopped collecting the rubbish so that your stupid Premier can punish the people of Victoria in other ways.
    Bloody rock spider that bloke!!

  6. Terrorists. All of them!!! How dare they put this great nation at risk by flaunting their rights and freedoms!… so proud to finally see this happening. Keep up the good work guys.

  7. So glad to see people laughing again and sharing love again . I can go to bed tonight encouraged by seeing this and realizing all our fallen soldiers didnt give their lives for nothing. FREEDOM IS A RIGHT WE SHOULD ALL CHERISH. AND FIGHT FOR.

  8. Thank Lord 🙏no j.. mandates at Botanical Gargen🌾🌵🌳🌿!
    It is uplifting to see many have started using their commonsense, finally, and even ditched the "muzzle" 🤪 outdoors at least 🌞

  9. Australia you are free time for freedom is now fight there are always casualties in war stand up together the world will support you this is world wide not just Australia information war think outside the box!

  10. Who's free? The people !
    Who's born free ? The people !
    What your mothers gaves you ? Freedom !
    Who took your freedom ? Government !
    Who are the government ? Not Human beings !
    Who is a human being? A free creature made by God !
    What is Freedom ? Is the " Self-decision " !

  11. They should have face masks on to hide their identities. Their families, friends, neighbours, colleagues and bosses will recognise and remember them as the selfish super spreaders who caused an entire city to go into lockdown.

  12. Hi. How does one find out about the location of these events? I am not on social media, other than youtube, and would like to join these protests. Any advice?

  13. Seems legit. Protest by obeying the rules. No smashing windows, urinating on war memorials, carrying stupid nazi and anti vaxxer signs and best of all, no violence. No spreading misinformation. Everybody wins.

  14. I'm so proud of the strength Australians are displaying now. Marching is not the way to do it. They want us to do that. Instead we must simply ignore them and carry on our free lives.