Accusations Of CIA-Backed Sabotage Attacks INSIDE Russia!

Soldier-turned-journalist Jack Murphy revealed in a recent blog post that his sources in the intelligence community suggest that CIA assets operating within Russia have been conducting sabotage operations on bridges, ammunition depots and other critical targets. But are Murphy’s sources accurate? Or does the idea of engaging in such risky activities with nuclear annihilation a possible outcome make any sense?

Guest host Aaron Maté and former Marine and weapons inspector Scott Ritter discuss the varying risks and rewards involved in potentially exposing a CIA sleeper cell within Russia with sabotage attacks.

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  1. It's funny that Ritter thinks the president can tell the CIA what to do or not to do. It's the other way around. Ritter is grossly overestimating the Russian's capabilities. This is as dangerous as underestimating them

  2. AI sabotage is the new tech darling that is slated for the scrap heap of inventions. The CIA really do suck at espionage because they think they are better but have no gut, belly. They’re milk toast served a la Hollywood

  3. I love the Jimmy Dore Show but the Ukraine war is where it's always totally wrong! No! Russia will not launch a nuclear war. Why? Because the US has 24 hour surveillance on all their launch vesicles and silos. If they as much as think about launching and the US see that they start moving into position the US will bomb the shit out of their nuclear facilities within hours. You don' think the worlds biggest military power that have lived under Russian nuclear threat for over 70 years have well planned strategies in place to deal with it?

  4. So Obama said the wheels in motion to get where we are now interesting. If the people do not realize that the government is committing treason and has for a long time. The government has no authority on anything unless it has been delegated by the Constitution or the people. The American people need to realize and stand up together as one and take back the power stolen by the government.

  5. Durrrr! It’s not going to stop the inevitable. Despite what the intelligence agencies try to do. It’s a bee sting. Annoying but the Russians have been planning for this for more than a decade.

  6. The CIA is all alcoholics? I don't believe that, and as much as I sympathise with Matés rather realistic approach, I really expect Ritter to be more moderate and less black/white in his assumptions.

  7. yeah but.
    not all sleepercells give a fuck thu.
    my grandpar traveled to the other side of the contry to blow up a german train.
    got tortured and spend 6 month in a consentration camp , came back weighing 50 kilos.
    my point is , there was no leadership telling him to do that , there was a war and time came for him to lift his hand.
    you could have crazys like that anywhere.

  8. I love when Russia releases videos outside the US Embassy in Moscow showing drunk CIA officers going back to the Embassy staggeringly drunk and falling over on the sidewalk. There is a recent one of two guys drunk and falling into the snow. Scott is right on the CIA.

  9. SOMEONE is blowing stuff up in Russia. Could it be the Ukrainians, for whom you seem to have little respect? after all there are a lot of Ukrainians in Russia and Russians in Ukraine. Or is the standard Russian excuse of soldiers smoking too close to explosive substances the real reason?

  10. So this guy says that someone reporting and saying they spoke to people Involved are wrong? But he is saying they wouldn't do it so they aren't?

    Slandering a Journalist with no evidence… Great argument dude. Youre fucking smart. These people are funding N@zis… Wtf is this guy talking about?🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. "I respect Jack Murphy but he doesn't know what hes talking about."

    "I also might be wrong" 👈🏾smartest thing he said.

    A sleeper cell isn't corruption?! Wtf?!

    Also…🤔 If the sleeper cells could make Russia attack us, wouldn't it be a good thing if they stopped them before they did something that… Idk would make Russia attack us?! We already started a proxy war with then and this guy just thinks that they aren't doing it because no president would do that?

    Who tf is this guy and why did Aaron have him on?

    Where tf is Jimmy? Aaron and Jimmy are great. I like them conversing about something on camera. Fuck this dunce they brought on here today😂😂😂

  12. Aaron is a class act and a refreshing change occasionally but that said I do like Jimmy when he blow-torches all these feckless bastards with a little sprinkling of vitriol.

  13. Its less so military industrial complex things that have been targeted, but more so civilian, energy and industry infrastructure. They have torched such things as restourants and shopping malls (for example). In most cases these people are Ukrainian and Russian neo-Nazi extremists or some mentally unstable people that are bribed with money and such. How does the West is so arrogant thinking that Russia won't fight back? It won't be 1 for 1, Russias response will always continue to be asymetric. PS. The people who are running these ops are Brits and Ukrainians with help from other NATO countries.

  14. If you are Jewish you know nothing will ever happen to Russia they can talk all they want nothing changes,Russia can block the sun around America too they can do it in space,l don’t want to say much,your God has always been using Russia to stop useless people problems.

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