ACLU Contradicts Itself On Vaccine Mandates

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  1. This is not a Left / Right issue.

    This is an individual liberty and freedom to choose what is right for each person issue.

    It is COMPLETELY a power and control mechanism.

    One observation:

    Jimmy and other Leftists want government run and paid for health care.

    As I see it mandates would be the norm and individual freedom is out the window.

    You want to continue getting treated? Well, by God you'll play by OUR rules or you get nothing. ( Sounds kind of like the Great Reset doesn't it?)
    Our rules say you get the jab whether you want it or not.

  2. So this guest ia saying it would be ok to do it to Republicans, especially the white ones, but the problem is vaccine mandates would affect black people too, and you can't have that

  3. Jimmy, I love ya man… but you are going to be cancelled for this stuff. In other words, if you keep telling the truth you will lose your YT channel.
    Like I said, I love you man!

  4. One thing I have to say bc it bothers me a bit. This is affecting workers of all races. Not just black and brown the most. All different races in the working class are being killed by this and ignored!

  5. I cannot believe the news does not tell us that the C-19 vaccines do not prevent us from getting the infection it only lessens the symptoms. Mask or nothing can stop this.

  6. I was against mandates but what we're doing now isn't working. Immunities are already dropping, you'll be able to get most people to get the first booster but how many will get the second? The third? The twentyth? We need to get vaccination rates up within the next year or Covid isn't ever going away and will continue mutating.

  7. ACLU hasn't in years acted at all like it's worth while, don't be surprised when they turn on their largest audience and then then the ACLU has trouble surviving. It's really sad when long held beliefs are exchanged for totalitarianism.

  8. The mandates are a attempt to control people and are not based on science The ACLU has turned into neoliberal partisan hacks and why don’t they just come out and join the corporate Democratic Party

  9. The rise of the corporate state has so many unwanted consequences ie mass corruption of the corporate elite When corporations control every major institution governmental dysfunction becomes normalized

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