Acosta CONFRONTS Yang Over Tucker Carlson Hit, MSM Blame Each Other For Misinformation

Kim Iversen and Robby Soave discuss the latest round of feuding between CNN and Fox News.

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  1. Hey Acosta, you succeeded. We now have Biden in office and our country is worse off now then when he was VP. Maybe you should stick with spreading propaganda and lies to keep the sheep riled or maybe you could tell Americans why you did this to our country. I hope the left's ally the fake news realize Americans consider them as incompetent as Biden the leader of the party. Fox News may be biased at times but at least they are on the right side. If Tucker Carlson didn't have a voice a lot of the propaganda the fake news spreads would go unchallenged. No wonder the fake news hate Tucker.

  2. It's ironic that Jim Acosta , an extreme leftist, mentioned the Unabomber. Ted Kaczynski's manifesto 'Industrial Society and Its Future' describes exactly to the letter everything that IS Jim Acosta.

  3. True journalist can't pick and chose who they have to speak to get the story… Which' proves omplete onsense ews has no Journalist left
    there are just part of The Democrat Hive Mindset… 🙊🙉🙈

  4. Andrew Yang's defection from the Dem's to an independent political/ideological course is because the Dem's are NO LONGER liberal the party is now an insanely rabid entity that is so riven with guilt and self-hatred that it's become a dystopian nightmare. He, like so many other Asiatics, see themselves being victimized by the system because of their disproportionate success rates in scholastic and academic degrees that he recognizes exactly what Kenny Xu is saying in his book: 'The Inconvenient Minority'.

    Effectively, successful Asiatics are now victims of discrimination by the insane elements in the Democrats who call math racist and want exams eliminated because it shows some groups up as being incapable of competing. Thus, it's NO LONGER a case of equality but equity.

    In simple expression, equity is apportioning jobs to people on their face rather than ability.

  5. I can't listen to the little chubster when everything he says is a LIE to begin with. Although not present, Mark Dice's voice-over is always preferable, appropriate and appreciated :>)

  6. What a nerve of CNN Fake News "reporter" Acosta to say "…Tucker Carlson represents so much of what is bad in news today…" what a bunch of wantons are these CNN fake "reporters"…smh

  7. Omg jim acosta. "Uhh firstly, tucker is such a bad man, you shouldnt try to expose his viewership to your thoughts and opinions. They shouldn't be involved in our awesome society"

  8. You must admit Stetler of CNN saying this is funny as heck!!! I watched just for the laugh.
    He’s straight out of cancel culture, spew , repeat and spew. He’s the repeater of Russian Collusion and misinformation!!!!!!

  9. cnn brings acosta out of his corner to make a fuss in the greater world, and the points for others 'misinformation',
    and cnn and the gang are blind to their own. Ratings matter for them, probably not, att will support them and
    apparently core financial support in similarly woke business'. And have others have noted, gupta and stelter, plus.

  10. Goooo Jim Acosta! Keep it up! Cancel that dangerous truth. If people wake up, your sham is exposed. You are platforming Tucker Carlson yourself by serving so many bullshart sandwiches day after day.

  11. What a pleasant change without Grim on camera. I'm taking bets on how long it takes Kim to give back to Grim the disrespect he shows her. Kim is generally middle of the road, Grim is clearly pretty far left, which the TheHill generally is.

  12. cnn sucks. It’s not news . They’re water boys for the democrats. They’re lying disgraceful incompetent hypocrites. Everyone knows this fact. Creatures from the left woke progressive mob are unhappy intolerant small minded hypocrites. Their angst stems from the fact that they are insecure in their movement and lack confidence and lack fundamental decency. It is all very child-like and pathetic. People are seeing through this nonsense.

  13. Today it is the LEFT that shames. They have a lot of nerve. I used to be on the far Left & despised the Right – now I cannot relate to almost everything the Left stands for today. Yang sees this, sees the division, and is putting together a new party for people like myself to go to.and feel at home.

  14. Ms Iversen, are you a reporter or a talking head for a talk show?, and that question also applies to your blond guest that appears later in your broadcast with you on the split screen.

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