Active Measures: Demoralisation

It takes 15-20 years to demoralise a country. We should have listened then, and we must listen now.

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  1. I wonder if Senator Joseph McCarthy was right all those years ago. Did he see all the left~wing actors, scriptwriters, artists, and academics and realise those people were going to influence the minds of of children born in the 40s and 50s. Fast forward to the late 1960s ~ when all those kids had grown up and were students ~ America became bedevilled by the hippy counter culture which weakened American society

  2. I tried to get people to watch Yuri Bezmenov so many times over the years. Too many people often ignored it or thought it was lying propaganda itself. If only more people would have listened and taken it seriously sooner.

  3. if racism exists, show us the victims, the media talking like its an epidemic, like racism towards black people is chronic and every where, well where are the victims, show us. they can't because it doesn't exist. won't shut up about racism and won't shut up about corona.

  4. Foreigners come here, claim Britain as theirs, then cry and moan to change and scrap our history, if they come here and don'e like it why don't they go home, or to another country that's "less racist" how is this crap allowed to happen.

  5. It's funny and scary how a right-winger can still simultaniously be a liberal, nationalist, capitalist, globalist and a christian but the left's parallel would just be a socialist, socialist, socialist, socialist and a socialist because it just seems to be the ultimate choise on all of those very different fields. Now maybe i'm just pessimistic but doesn't that sound a bit too convinient for it to be even theoritically plausible?