Activists STORM OUT Of Meeting With Biden’s Team! “Reached A Turning Point” As Lefties ABANDON HIM


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  1. Let's stop calling them " Progressive's". they are Socialist. Just like the Nazi's where members of the National SOCIALIST People's party of Germany. Let's call them what they are Demo-nazi's. They are using the same methods the Nazi used to take over the government in Germany prior to WW2. Oppressing free speech, gun control, etc. It's time to become active in replacing them.

  2. Storming out is so emotional And brave, I love emotions because they’re always changing and you can depend on that because they’re always changing… You can always depend on something that’s constantly churning and turning

  3. Biden & his corrupt administration need to bring in millions more illegals to tip the 2024 elections his way. They will, without remorse drag America to it's knees to retain their power

  4. Biden is using the last thread of common sense and reinstated the policy. Its already been chaos at the border and these activist were cheering. Dont trust any party where a group of dumb ass adults who cater to a hostile, mentally challenged brat.

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