Actual WITNESS To Kenosha Kid Shooting Tells The INSANE Story About How It All Went Down

Tim and Lydia host Richie McGinniss, Jorge Ventura, and Shelby Talcott to discuss their experience in Kenosha on the night that several people were injured and died. The spotlight is on Richie, who was documenting and witnessed firsthand the actual event that caught the nation’s attention, and Shelby, who was nearby at the same time.

Richie McGinniss: @RichieMcGinniss on Twitter, @RichieMcGinniss on Instagram
Jorge Ventura: @VenturaReport on Twitter, @JorgeVenturaTV on Instagram
Shelby Talcott: @ShelbyTalcott on Twitter, @SBTalcott on Instagram

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Written by Timcast IRL


    Says every single person encountering a violent crime.
    Own a gun, know how to use it, know the laws, know the consequences, be safe.

  2. There's no way I could have handled myself as well as Kyle did. I'm amazed and how well he held it together. He was almost systematic like a machine. He showed some fear but not enough to really seem to effect his actions or expressions too much. He was amazingly calm and collected through the whole thing. I just can't imagine NOT freaking out in such a situation. Even in a video game I can't usually maintain that type of control when so much is going on around you threatening you.

  3. everyone leave a comment like this video and everything in our power to allow truth to go viral. we have to know the algorithm not just complain when it works against us. If you know the rules of the game we're playing you can manipulate them.

  4. Could one of the people who were shooting before hit the guy in the back and that could be why he lunged at Kyle. I haven’t heard if they said all the bullets came from Kyle gun.

  5. That woman is a liar. What the videos and not a single one will show him running around and waving his gun frantically. She is whats wrong with the media she has no clue what really happens then says what she thinks people want to hear happened.

  6. I think these three reporters are liberals. The girl speaks negatively of Kyle. Her body language and gestures say this to me. The Boyfriend is the witness and he is totally whipped by her.

  7. The lady said he was flailing his gun around. It is proven beyond a doubt that Kyle was very good at handling his weapon so her characterizing him as "flailing" is fucking stupid. Kyle was very careful while picking his targets. Journalism…laughable