Actually Following the Science on Lockdowns | Ben Powell

From the talk: Follow the (Economic) Science: Why Lockdowns Were Bad Pandemic Policy | Ben Powell.
It’s the economic science people need to listen to to figure out if there is a rationale for a type of government regulation during this pandemic; and, if so, what that looks like. And I’ll tell you what it does not look like: lockdowns or any of the policies we got over the past year.

Recorded in Salem, New Hampshire, on June 17, 2021. Check out the full video, licensed under creative common, here:

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  1. All the people in power were not scared of it, you shouldn't either. Those government employees that make rules yet break it themselves. It cant ne that bad

  2. I find it sad that it has to be explained over and over again: there's no free lunch. Any action you take, has consequences… ANY action, including lockdowns. Yet, everytime I get a blank stare… which I suppose can be rebranded as "you wanna kill grandma" stare

  3. Nobel price Science (Kary Mullis) tells you that the PCR test used is inappropriate for convid diagnosis.
    Statistics might lead you to the most important fact: There was no excess mortality in whole 2020 except a spike in the beginning due to medical mistreatment.
    Medical mistreatment was disguised and motivated by the panic created by the media, also motivated by financial interests of hospitals and care homes and motivated by political power gains.
    Statistics also shows that the flu is nearly gone and convid seemed to have taken its place.
    The many words of this speaker try to save the plandemic and the virus narrative even though the convid virus hasnt been properly isolated until now. He also seems very nervous.