Adam Schiff GRILLED On The View Over Role In Promoting Russiagate HOAX, Steele Dossier

Team Rising reacts to a viral confrontation between Morgan Ortagus and Rep. Adam Schiff on The View.

Rep. Adam Schiff Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP. Former President Donald Trump image courtesy of AP Photo/Alex Brandon.

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  1. Schiff just keeps lying… now about his previous lying!!
    Wow! Everything is Trump! He cannot own ANY of his own CRIMES!! And make no mistake … Adam Schiff is guilty of a laundry list of crimes, not the least of which is TREASON.

  2. I guess Adam Schitt never heard of “ fruits of the poisonous tree “ . Now that we know this investigation was unlawfully predicated based on false information and the FBI either knew or should have known the information was false every indictment by Mueller should be expunged.

  3. Once you “get it wrong” so badly and perpetuate a lie, it doesn’t do anyone any good to say you got it wrong and act all humble after the affects of the lie are already done. We have Biden now thanks to leaning into this lie and “getting it wrong”. Biden is a weak leader and is allowing the left to destroy the country.

  4. Listening to this coverage makes me laugh at how completely unaware, or at least unwilling to admit, Americans are at their own government's election meddling (and proxy war starting) triple-letter organizations. You're always looking to Russia as the great evil when it comes to this type of foreign politicking, but past US president Obama directly meddled in the recent Canadian election by openly backing our totally corrupt and authoritarian PM Trudeau, while plenty of US organizations, such as Tides, continually meddle in our politics.

    Instead at pointing a finger at Russia, wondering how many other countries they cause problems for, why not ask Russia how often the CIA (and other US gov orgs) meddle in their politics, not to mention the politics of surrounding nations (causing problems for Russia), such as the Ukraine (Biden was the de facto president during Obama's reign), Belarus (it's widely thought their recent attempted coup was caused by the CIA), Poland (directly and via support of the EU), the Baltic states, Georgia, North Korea, and of course China (not that they don't deserve some pushback).

    The US has their finger up every country's @$$, and while they sometimes do some good in providing smaller countries with some military might against larger aggressors, it always comes with a heavy price, and some US politician gets richer because of it. The Hill is one of the least biased "major" news services around (particularly this program), but maybe you can be a bit more introspective about how the rest of the world views the US. Your country is not well liked (and Obama was one of the least liked Presidents outside of the US) due to an out of control military industrial complex and aggressive three-letter agencies that always seem to want endless skirmishes and even wars, and as much as many of you hate Trump, he at least was trying to reduce these types of interventions during the last two years of his presidency, and did more to alleviate problems in the Middle East (particularly between Israel and a number of Muslim states). Since Biden has been in "power", however, most of the above-noted nations have been suffering from political unrest, partly due to US government interventions. It's time the US focus on its own problems, and stop meddling with the rest of the world. You're already losing your reserve currency status, and without that you'll have serious trouble staying financially afloat. A major wake-up call is coming…

  5. The proper response to discovering that the entire story is based on fabrications is a full apology and then you fully change your opinions on the matter. We don't need more investigations hoping that something turns up. Drop it, you were wrong!
    — The Democrat establishment is now effectively on the Trump 2024 campaign staff. By repeatedly mentioning Trump in the midst of making baseless and dishonest claims, they might as well be wearing Trump 2024 T-shirts. — We know that they are lying and this is really getting embarassing.

  6. My version of the question: “Either you knowingly participated in the dem led foreign collusion to push disinformation or you were a stooge/patsy. Reflecting on that, do you regret now being forever documented as reading a foreign collusion disinformation propaganda item against our country into the congressional record?”

  7. Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi has led the country in the wrong direction the 4 years Trump was in office. They are so convinced of their lies they have their Lemmings unconditionally believing everything they say.

  8. Schiff knew it was a Lie every time he held a piece of paper up and said “PROOF POSITIVE “
    Schiff has zero credibility!
    He should be locked up with Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters all involved!

  9. What we need to realize is Biden from day one shut down American Emery Independence and now through OPEC depends on Russia and China.
    However nobody’s questioned Biden’s involvement with promoting other countries while tying America’s hands…. Collusion????

  10. Who could come close to the orange liar. How these commentators can be so outraged about lies, when their side lies all the time is "outrageous". Dems "do what you got to do" fight fire with fire. The dems should go high, when they go low. Go to h ll! Just don't do it "under oath", right NEWT?

  11. Sorry, but having Michael Starr Hopkins comment on this totally turned me off. He is a frickin bleeding heart liberal with so much hate for Donald Trump and the USA, that you can't take anything he says with any credibility either.

  12. So five years later, I'm still waiting to see Adam Schiff's evidence that he repeatedly claimed was in plain sight. The evidence is so clear, so transparent, that it's actually invisible and doesn't even exist.

  13. We are not here for your education to get better at journalism. Go back to school. You guys just keep making excuses. Some credibility? Forget about it and just keep making up excuses. I saw Shiff as a complete liar and could not understand how people could elect him. It makes me not like his district.

  14. Schiff had to add in the " look what we found out" bullcrap. We found out that Hillary Clinton and company, belong on trial and imprisoned. Do we get to "see" the trial? Or even hear about anything else? I guess the info goes to Kamala and her Space Force, much like Hunters laptop.

  15. Shifty Shift:"… allegations should be investigated, and they were…" ('but we ignored the evidence and proceeded to impeach a sitting president because he threatened the Clinton machine.')

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