Adam Schiff Laughably Claims Biden-Poroshenko Call is “Edited”


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  1. What do you exspect? Schiff is a bottom dweller,only people with very limited intelligence pay ANY attention to what he says,come on..

  2. Schiff just wishes he had Trump saying the same thing. Imagine being so deluded that you impeach the President for something your candidate did.

  3. I seem to recall that the same piece of Schiff who claims this is edited tried just a few months ago to pass off his own fabricated, fanfic version of Trump's call with the Ukrainian president as if it were a verbatim transcript of the actual call.

  4. Schiff would call it edited. I mean that is why "deep fakes" became a story to give cover right? Even when it is proven real, he and others will say they can't trust the legitimacy by opposing parties and actors. I think they believe if the their media doesn't cover it or other stories they don't count towards punishment or accountability at this point. Which is why everyone is leaving the left now and we have this desperate move to have mail in voting for a massive harvesting scam.

  5. I actually thought your channel was down bc I never see your content recommend unless I physically search for it. Shout out to the beanie for letting me know u are still active

  6. As bad as joe biden is(and getting worse), i wouldnt be suprized if hillary jumps in at the last minute to save the day.
    I think H.A goodman is right

  7. "it's EDITED!!!!!" Accept we also have video of him BRAGGING about it to a bunch of rich people too. Shitt is the guy who went after Trump over shit HE and the DNC made up. But this Biden call which helps push the fact that Biden also BRAGGED about doing it and was serious. This is who the Democrats are.

  8. Edited, like Katie Couric did with her piece on firearms and the Virginia Citizens Defense League where she asked them a question (I forget what the exact question was) and made it look like they were sitting with their fingers up their asses for not having an answer for it. Then it comes out that she intentionally edited it to make it look that way. That's the democratic playbook

  9. Shifty Schiff’s brain is obviously heavily edited—not the Biden call. That’s why it is totally applicable to refer to him as “Schiff For Brains” !!!