Adam snitches, Tim cries, Lydia snaps, explained in 10 mins

After Adam Crigler departed Timcast IRL, many Tim Pool fans were wondering what happened to Adamcast and why did Crigler leave in the first place. After Adam did a 6 hour long livestream explaining his issues with Timcast producer Lydia Leitermann, Tim made a rebuttal livestream for over 2 hours.

Not many people want to listen to nearly NINE HOURS of ranting, so here is the recap in 10 minutes instead.

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00:00 What Went Wrong
00:58 Money
02:38 Lydia
06:00 NDA
07:37 Ego
08:18 Inequity
09:19 Collapse

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  1. Tim's full out lying about his brother not suing/threatening to sue him. I remember when that happened. It had to do with the whole Subverse thing. He claimed Tim stole it and Tim said he didn't and there was something to do with a whole sh💩t ton of money too. WTF Tim, everybody who was around at the time should remember this…

  2. I believe adam.
    I also believe adam is everything i dont want to be, from the begining.
    I choose in my life to just move on of the people that hurt me, to not cause more harm.
    Tim is just an average grifter.
    Lydia is an average woman moment.

    All they suck.

  3. 1. If you run a company you have to be stern.
    2. Tim likes to be on the forefront that’s true.
    3. But Adam seems like salty teenager going around digging silly personal stuff only to get eyes. No one is ever going to want to work with him after this. Trust is important.
    4. A girl in a business equation is always a bad thing and ends up breaking a great team 😂 yes I said it.
    5. Did we all forget that all these guys are liberals to begin with 😂

    Over all I stand with Tim. You are successful and you gotta run a tight ship. Friendship is outside the office and you need to pull your weight.

  4. Tim's original agreement with Adam for Timcast IRL is that he needed Adam to source NEW stories that Tim didn't already talk about on his daily show. However, Adam almost NEVER did any research or brought any new stories to the table. So every night, Tim would have to just repeat the same stories he already talked about that day, except he had to give Adam a cut, despite Adam doing none of the research. Eventually people watched Tim's daily show less and started watching IRL more, so all of the journalistic work that Tim was doing was going towards paying Adam. He was paying Adam a larger chunk of the revenue share for a long time, despite the fact that Adam was too lazy to hold up his end of the bargain to source new stories. Tim was doing all the heavy lifting, and paying Adam more. Adam took that for granted. He took advantage of the fact that Tim was his friend, and kept getting paid for work that he wasn't doing. Of course it was unsustainable for Tim. IRL was siphoning all of his viewers, because his followers said "Well, if it's just gonna be all the same stories anyway, I may as well just watch IRL". All Adam had to do was hold up his end of the bargain, and do his job, but he didn't. He leaned on Tim to do the heavy lifting while Tim also had to juggle the daily show… Meanwhile Adam would just show up and wing it on the spot and get paid more. The fact that Adam is now so bitter and resentful that he's attacking Tim's personal life, just makes him look like a lazy deadbeat with zero accountability.

  5. Ive followed tim for so long this feels in a very strange and awkward way similar to how we felt as kids when our parents would argue and it would get really out of hand.

  6. 8:40 Yea it's weird how I navigate this type of thing in my own life. Worrying about equality of duties and effort can be paralyzing. I'm pretty sure Trey Parker is about 90% of the effort to create South Park, but he's still aware that South Park would be something entirely different without Matt. It's a blessing/skill/talent to have the will to do things. It's healthy to be appreciative that you have desire and want to share it with others.

  7. All that’s been achieved is only because of tim, everyone is lucky to have known him and Tim being passive most times he gives away so much when he could be just a cold boss and pay minimum and give nothing extra. His own friends used tim because they know they could, now tim isn’t perfect we all know but also using tim because of the money they make is wrong. This is exactly why you don’t hire friends ever.

    Also all of them have zero expert experience in any field so anyone acting like they earned their job is wrong while tim built it from the ground up

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