Adamcast IRL – Donald J. Trump Deep Dive

We shed some light into Donald J. Trumps family history.

We go over his personal life and business life before running for President.

Finally we discuss some of his policies he has put forward as President.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention His Current wife and first lady Melania Trump! They married in 2005 and had a son named Baron in 2006.

Written by Adamcast IRL


  1. How cool was this!?! Thank you for a great history class on the Trump Family. Super cool! I voted for him in 2016 and will again in 2020!! Joe Biden’s Bill is sickening!! I totally agree. What better for people who have made a mistakes and more, committed a crime or crimes to be educated? What else is better for them to do than to earn a degree? They should have every opportunity in prison to better themselves! I absolutely agree with you! Thankfully President Trump is taking care of business!! God bless!

  2. I'd like to start by saying any left leaning person supporting trump is a god send. I love you guys. I'm a trump supporter after realizing how the media is complete propaganda regarding him. However… many of your points are lacklustre. To be a true Trump supporter I feel like you need more facts. A lot of what you're saying is emotional and I do not at all denounce you, but I feel like there are better arguments and you missed many of the major talking points regarding Trump.

  3. I only wish you had gone deeper… there were more things I wanted to know about, and I hoped you would mention his relationship with JFK Jr. But thanks for all the good info!

  4. Mr. Adam i was wondering where were you, as i don't see you in Timcast any more.
    Now I've found out… Well, it's good you have your own channel now. Congratulations ?

  5. Considering President Trumps Grandfather Died During the 1918 pandemic, and then having Democrats claiming he didn't take this pandemic seriously after it was literally THEM, that called him a xenophobe for closing borders early. What an insult that must have felt like…. They have no scruples at all……..

  6. Thanx for the Trump deep dive….his mother can't deny Donald lol how cute…..he was my hero w/Apprentice cuz I too lived in Germany and when I came back to USA and saw the show thought it was super…as I prefered German School methods where you can chose a trade school get paid ….college in USA is a big $$ ordeal. I never seen your site but my husband watches Tim and you…subscribed.

  7. Adam ,
    Please do a real deep dive on Barry Seutoro
    AKA ( Barak Heusane
    Obama ) when he went into politics He used his Dad's Name To Cover up his real true
    Criminal identity ! Soroes recruited many Chicago Collage kids!
    When Barry Seutoro had been chosen. along with Bill Ayers and others ! There Soroes sent them to his best friends Fiedel Castro Cuba ! They joined up with the Simbeanese Army terrorist training group
    Learned to make bombs and Obama .!

  8. Lol my husband goes "so this video basically explains why I've been waiting for him to run for president since I was 18 (he's 36 now). My husband is 7 years older than me so he has more of an understanding of who the president was throughout the late 80s and 90s so it makes sense why he wanted him to run for office. This is a really neat video. Thanks for this!

  9. It was nice to learn a bit more about Trump as an european I didn't know about the man other than the name. Big business mogul in manhattan real estate business and that he had a successful tv-show that I've never seen. Something about a beauty pageant too.
    So I appreciate you doing this.

  10. Trump is a Gemini, they love people and sharing information, they are very expressive and endlessly curious. He is also a 31/4 in Western numerology, the number of the builder, they love to create stability. Listening to him when he is talking to a group makes these qualities obvious, along with his kindness. He acknowledges everyone around him constantly. Anyone who reads or watches MSM has never bothered to listen to him, not the bits they edited, but when he is in free flow. There is tons of it on youtube. What a beautiful heart and mind. Only a pure soul could take that much unjustified attack and keep smiling, stay positive. We have been so blessed to have a genius, a non-politician as President. May we realize it in time.!! Thanks guys, lovely to hear the perspective of young'uns. TRUMP 2020