Adelaide 20th Nov 2021

I dare you to watch this and not get inspired 🙂


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  1. Great powerful words. Thank you so much. We are doing amazing Australia, now let's bring this evil corruption completely to it's knees. Evil cannot survival the bright light of our shinning souls or our love and courage.

  2. The whole nation, the world is saying this is enough. Stand proud, stand tall, we who made our oath stand true on our time, stand true now. Still stand for you. So let us stand together. Lest We Forget.

  3. I'm filthy I didn't know this was on, i didn't hear anything about this. Where do you go to find out these are happening in Adelaide? I'm literally 10 minutes from here, I walk my dog along the Torrens river there every day. Totally gutted I missed this. Can someone tell me where I can be in the loop so I don't miss another one

  4. just remember what your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather would of had to say about being ordered about by these louts and criminals …. if you come from decent stock, stand your ground and tell these evil cowards you ain’t complying to this nonsense… no jab, no mask, no mark of the beast

  5. Please take your masks OFF. Do it today and stand for freedom. Have a spine. Have dignity and respect for yourselves. Don’t be a clone puppet for corrupt government. 🤷

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