Adele Might Get Screwed in Her Divorce

I really don’t want #Adele to lose most of her money in her divorce, thanks to #feminism, it’s not her job to keep her partner in the manner to which they had become accustomed. It seems unjust, if we like #equality. Perhaps the MRA’s have a point?

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  1. She can still write an album about this divorce and earn it back readily. As for her ex husband, he could very well be ostracised because of this.

  2. Divorce courts are structured to punish any man who takes the traditional role as a provider. … It is totally screwed up that a man who is lazy and provides little is likely to avoid being financially raped via divorce.

  3. I've always found it odd that people use fair and equal treatment enterchangably. Much in the way a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle can not be called a square, Fair treatment can be equal treatment, but equal treatment isn't always fair. For example if you gife two people one hour to walk a mile, that is equal treatment, but if one person is on crutches, and the other is perfectly healthy. Suddenly giving them booth the same amount of time seems really unfair, doesn't it.

  4. Women complaining about earning less than men baffle me.
    Try roofing a house on a mid-summer day, or setup the foundation of one in a blizzard. Money's pretty damn good.

  5. Obviously, it is not fair. How about changing laws so that nobody gets unnecessarily screwed?
    Do like sargons content rom time to time, but damn…the comments in here…

  6. I know a few women who got hosed in their divorce.

    I mean.. I did. Luckily, neither of us had much but I still had more.

    It does happen.

    The whole "take that, Adelle!" Is just mean.

  7. Don't really know how to word this without sounding like a dick to both sides, oh well. Like the video and leave a comment to support the channel.

  8. Allow me to explain, Sargon. The feminists argument that women earn less money is a dishonest claim by them that the women are being paid less for the same work while they pretend to not notice that women's own sexism in deciding to marry up and quit their jobs is the reason for the pay disparity. Abraham Lincoln actually said it: Hypocrisy is when a man kills his parents and begs for mercy from the judge since he's an orphan. They openly use the 77 cents on a dollar claim for the same work even though this is an average of all men's and women's per-capita earnings pitting CEO men against housewives.

    More cynical feminists I've debated with secretly throw Adele under the bus in order to engage in a pretense that the current chivalrous system that favors them is fair: "See! Some women pay alimony too! So the system is fair!" They will not cry too hard in their beer that a woman got stuck paying alimony to a guy who didn't "earn" it because they know women overall benefit from the deal.
    Here's the thing: Adele still has a lottery fortune when the courts are done with her. Middle class men often face losing the house, the car, and paying for the children's health insurance while also hit with alimony/child-support not factored into their take-home pay after taxes. There are cases of men being ordered to pay more than they actually earn and the judge telling him: "Well, get a higher paying job or go to jail!" I know of at least one guy who faced this and committed suicide. Adele will live. She'll have plenty of money to live out her life in luxury.

  9. As soon as somebody says they want to use one person's circumstances to "send a message" then you know that person has no care for justice and should be dismissed and ignored.

  10. gotta love how the best way to show these people for who they really are is to give them what they asked for. Oh sure, when they asked for equality, they didn't mean that they should get the raw end of the stick like this when the roles are reversed, they meant that they wanted to keep all their privileges while men had to surrender what ever privileges they had.

  11. Very torn on the divorce issue tbh, speaking from a Christian perspective it says in the Bible that divorce is allowed "only because of the hardness of your hearts". That doesn't half resonate tbh, there has to be something wrong in all the marriages that're ending. Like some kind of guideline or behaviour not being followed in a relationship to stay happy together. We (men and women) must be doing something v. wrong… I think focusing on what happens at the point of the divorce is trying to collect all the water instead of fixing the leak if that makes sense?

  12. If you believe in marriage, then when you marry you combine incomes and each person has (or should have) an equal share. If you do NOT wish to do this….you have two basic choices. DO NOT MARRY (just live together or whatever) or get a solid prenuptial agreement (written by real lawyers, with both parties having their OWN lawyer and full uncoerced consent!).

    This is as true for Jeff Bezos. BTW: California has long had laws giving each married partner an equal share in their joint wealth. This is not true in all US states.

  13. There is a big difference here between equal division of marital property….and alimony. Very little alimony is awarded in the US — what there is, it is very temporary — and only when there is a huge disparity in income between the spouses. Alimony in the US is considered "rehabilitative", as if being married is a kind of disability you need to recover from! even so, 40% of alimony awarded IS NEVER PAID…unlike child support, there is no mechanism in place to garnish wages or force payments.

    You can argue against alimony (though I disagree) but equal division of marital property seems like a no-brainer. And frankly being a famous rich celebrity entertainer….Adele was an imbecile not to have a solid pre-nuptial agreement.

  14. No divorce settlement (of marital property) would ever give 2/3rds to the non-working spouse. It just does not work that way. Even a pure 50/50 settlement is rare outside of California! Generally, the non-working spouse (or lesser-earning spouse) gets around 25-35% of marital assets (that they did not earn themselves at a job).

    That being said, Adele had incredibly poor advice to marry without a prenuptial agreement. That's the very POINT of such an agreement — to avoid this kind of miserable divorce situation.

    If she did marry with no written agreement….then her ex husband is absolutely on solid legal ground asking for 50% of their assets. Any less would be grossly unfair — and I am consider myself a feminist.

    If it was a male rock star/performer and he was divorcing his non-working wife….I am sure everyone would feel that wife should get 50% of their assets.

    THAT BEING SAID…again….most people are not superstars! most people don't have $180 million! most divorcing couples are basically dividing up DEBTS — not assets!