ADL Partners with Paypal to Expand Online Tech Tyranny and Censorship



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  1. Dream: The Revolution won't be televised !!!!
    Reality: The ReVoLuTiOn will be ad-friendly, and have more corporate sponsors than a NASCAR race.
    Every "movement" on the left (and i'd argue the right too) becomes corporate exploitative marketing strategy based on the bigotry of low expectation.
    Kinda like how June has just become Christmas in the Summer for gay folks….completely commercialized…and the minute January 1st, or July 1st rolls around, all the direct marketing diminishes for a time…because everybody knows it'd be weird to listen to Christmas music in March…same thing applies to Pride now, notice how everything "Pride" stopped in the days leading up to and after Juneteenth…
    I also noticed efforts to somehow combine the two events…Pride and Juneteenth…..i know…absolutely bizarre and something only a white female leftist could envision.
    They don't care about you, they only want to SPEAK for you, to REPRESENT you, to fundraise off you, to exist off you, to legitimize themselves off you…but never do they actually care about you.

  2. I hate to admit it, but if this was targeting literal swastika tattoo wearers, cartels and gangs, I would probably have approved. I guess that makes me one of the silly people who enables the tyrants to label anyone who disagrees with them on policy or political topics as extremists, which is where we are now.

  3. Well, I’m done with paypal and everything they own.
    Keep on doing this stuff and they will expose who the authoritarian commies are and we will create our own things.

    I’m already starting to get into a lot of “alt” tech now

  4. Wow… more censorship?!?!? I feel SOOO much safer now!!!
    Smh ?‍♂️ This is ridiculous, there is no reason for censorship other than the democrats trying to get away with their propaganda with no one giving facts and disrupting their agenda, I don’t understand why they believe censorship is a good idea, their propaganda is not going to cause a true right wing person to go left. We know they are full of crap and censorship just makes it worse for them.

  5. Small point…the ADL is an initialism, not an acronym. Initialisms are when you abbreviate a word to its initials. … Acronyms are abbreviations that also use initials, but those initials are pronounced as a word rather than saying the individual initials. For example, “National Aeronautical and Space Administration” becomes NASA and is pronounced “nah-sah.”

    Keep up the good work, Styx.

  6. Fun fact: both CEO's of the ADL and PayPal are members of the same tribe and big supporters of a certain Middle Eastern ethno-state.

  7. They became very wealthy in the same manner as did the Templars, by "transmitting" money via a note instead of coin, from point A to B, and issuing credit. The Templars were more for protecting the Pilgrim's money during the trip, and they used the Chinese method of using a note to do it. Pay them in London, where the coin was placed in the Temple Church, and after arrival in the Levant, be paid back in coin.

  8. I shit-canned PayPal years ago when they shut down payment service to firearms dealers.

    Interesting note: a significant number of smallish conservative YT channels have gone dark in the last few days apparently on news of the fascistic moves of the government/media complex. Who else is seeing this?

  9. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Alphabet (Google YouTube etc.,) Facebook, the SPLC, the ADL will be the primary reason for the coming civil war. When government offloads tyranny to corporations (nonprofits are by definition corporations) it is still tyranny. It has the same inevitable effect. When you take away a man's ability to speak, you drive him to make war.