Adverse vaccine events in 5 to 11 year olds

More children suffered a severe reaction to vaccine than required oxygen therapy,%20July%2021,%202022%20DM1270826_NEJM_Non_Subscriber&bid=1076921524

BNT162b2 messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine (Pfizer–BioNTech)

20th July 2022

Data on the real-world effectiveness of vaccines against omicron in children


January 21, 2022, through April 8, 2022

Singapore, 5 to 11 years

N= 255,936 children

Fully vaccinated, 67.7% (173, 268)

Partially vaccinated, 12% (30,712)

Unvaccinated, 20.3% (51,995)

16.4 to 17.9 million person-days at risk

53,429 infections

5,342 PCR-confirmed

288 hospitalizations

Among hospitalized children

Five received supplemental oxygen

four of whom, admitted ITU

Of these five children

One was unvaccinated

Two were partially vaccinated

Two were fully vaccinated

No deaths attributable to Covid-19

Among the children in the unvaccinated group

(per 1 million person-days)

All reported infections, 3,303
PCR-confirmed infections, 479
Hospitalizations, 30

Among the children in the fully vaccinated group

All reported infections, 2,770
PCR-confirmed infections, 112
Hospitalizations, 6.6

Vaccine efficacy against hospitalization

Partially vaccinated v unvaccinated children

All reported infections, 13.6%

PCR-confirmed infections, 24.3%

Hospitalizations, 42.3%

In fully vaccinated children

All reported infections, 36.8%

PCR-confirmed infections, 65.3%

Hospitalizations, 82.7%

Vaccine effectiveness against all confirmed infections

Fully vaccinated v unvaccinated group

At times after 2nd dose of vaccine

7 to 14 days, 48.9 %

15 to 29 days, 37.6%

30 to 59 days, 28.5%

60 days or more, 25.6%


During a period when the omicron variant was predominant,

BNT162b2 vaccination reduced the risks of SARS-CoV-2 infection and Covid-19–related hospitalization among children 5 to 11 years of age.

these findings suggest greater vaccine effectiveness against higher levels of disease severity,

The results of this study may provide insights to enable decision makers to weigh the benefits against the potential risks of vaccination of children.

In Singapore, 22 serious adverse events after vaccination

(0.005% of all doses administered)

0.05 in 1,000

0.5 in 10,000

5 in 100,000

among children 5 to 11

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. When you actually take a second look at the data there, vaccination shows a far greater risk of needing oxygen. There were far more infections and hospitalized kids unvaxxed 30 to 6.6 and only 1 unvaxxed to 4 vaxxed. When looking at that data it's as stated not including the 22 severe adverse events to the shots. So ITu admittance is likely even greater at 26 to 1, that's speculation, but the paper does not offer the severity. Likely many were heart conditions or nuerologic.
    The comparison isn't 5 to 22 its 1 to 26, because the vaxxed kids should be in the same category of the medicated side because you're weighing the benefit of the drugs. 1 unvaxxed admitted to icu.

  2. This video must be taken down immediatley. This is disinformation. There are no side effects at all. Our minister of health Hugo de Jonge said so . ( in the Netherlands) Fauci and CDC said so. Biden urged not to wait. They cant be wrong as they are Gods. I worship them each night at the altar I made . I kiss their feet. I clean the ground they walk on with my tongue. I always nod yess. I punish myself when I have a doubtfull thought as I know gods cannot be wrong. And I dont want the extra hot spot in hell for questioning them , even it was a millisecond in my thoughts.

    I was just being very sarcastic….

  3. At the end of the study the paper states 1/5000 DOSES…. not per vaccinated child… the child has 2 shots to be "fully vaxed" in this study (as no boosting is mentioned) so I am presuming that would mean 1/2500 fully vaccinated participants are suffering SAE which would then double the risk to 8 times more likely to suffer an SAE than serious illness from Omicron variant, wouldn't it?.

  4. A very interesting and informative study that certainly any parent should be made aware of! As regards national policies and the policy makers… Sadly I don't they will notice or care. There is considerable evidence to suggest that a given country/states policies are politically motivated, not medically.

  5. We didn't get vaccinated (I got medically exempt and suffer chronic lung issues) and we all got covid last April. I was very sick and bed ridden, and still have long term effects. My little was sleepy for half a day at max.

    Both my husband and I have been around entire groups who all got covid (work) during mini out breaks, and all were vaccinated. We have yet to test positive again or get sick again from covid even when surrounded by it. Im starting to feel like we're mutants now lol

  6. so basically the government will just say like all the other times they will take into account other factors to still give it to kids impose lockdowns or mask mandates regardless of this data in my opinion with the covid inquiry starting now all the government and so called experts should be held to account for misleading and negatively impacting peoples lives over the past 2 years with there policies

  7. "Things have changed" hahahah.. you are such a bad actor John. The only thing that has changed, is the pfizer documents have been released now. Why dont you talk about them papers. Let people know they been played. No, you just keep up the act right johnny boy.

  8. You are so passionate about your profession and give so much information and lectures , just love it 🌈🌟 thank you for being a real doctor

  9. Dr C …You lost me at " PCR & VACCINE "
    Please STOP giving people false hope and misinformation.
    Have the moral and ethical fortitude , to call this what it is.

  10. I'm just glad I don't have young children and would have to make these decisions! Thanks for tracking down this info so I can share this with friends and family! Job well done Sir.

  11. I heard a press release from white house though so called potus has busters and vaccines he wasn't hospitalized it prevents frim being hospitalized says W.H well W.H didn't mention side effects as if there are none

  12. Unless I missed it, you didn't mention if Singapore Aspirates the shot or not. That would be good to know. As we've come to understand from you over the last 2 plus years, non aspirated shots are one of the highest levels for acquiring adverse vaccination reactions.
    I'm in Canada, and just last week I spent over 1 hour on the phone trying to speak with a real person in our Health Department who could simply tell me a clinic or vaccination location where they will Aspirate my next shot in the fall. Guess what, no one had a clue what Aspiration even was. Needless to say all answers I received were as follows "it is currently our M.O.H. policy that Aspiration of the intermuscular injection for Covid 19 shots and boosters in not recommended."
    I just want to apologize to the last person I had on the line (the 6th person) for losing my sh**. It was not directed at you, it was pure rage at the shear stupidity of our "pretend" leaders, and their inept decision making.
    I am NOT receiving any further Covid shots unless it is aspirated. My god damn own personal doctors office won't even do it. I have to go now and take a pill to calm down again. Just typing this has me vibrating with anger.

  13. As always a great presentation from one of the very few trusted sources ! It would be great to see one on the latest ONS data of C19 deaths in vaccinated and unvaccinated adults in the UK.

  14. All your numbers assume the testing rate is the same in the two groups. If testing was done equally in the two groups you would need to explain why vaccinated children are more likely to need oxygen. Regardless, the serious adverse reactions are 4x the risk of oxygen, crazy. How severe are the events, were they addressed quickly or are they life altering?

  15. Dr John, in this video the main thrust is that the risk/benefit solution has changed in the time of Omicron. My Question would be- what pre- Omicron independant studies are you basing your assertion on?(Not criticising- just curious) Although I haven't investigated thoroughly, my understanding was the risk/benifit solution for younger children has not been conclusively favouring vaccination through every strain of the Virus. I'd be intersted to see any data- other than that from Big Pharma/ government that you have in this respect.

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