A&E Pulls BIGGEST Get Woke Go Broke Losing 300 MILLION For Canceling “Live PD”

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Get woke go broke. Yeah supply and demand truth hurts when you knowingly go against it. Like A&E canceling Live PD. If we need more of a demand for transparency in police work, why would anyone cancel Live PD? Sheer politicized stupidity. Not only did this not make cultural sense, it didn’t make business sense.

  2. PEOPLE LOVE LAW AND ORDER and trump is offering LAW AND ORDER and biden is offering socialism ,increaseing taxes, and nothing good for the be surprised if trump didnt win

  3. disney= kathleen kennedy the person who decied to make star wars woke and the fans hate it,so is it a surprise disney canceled police programing ? they didnt care that the last 5 star wars movies lost money why would they care now,though theres a rumor there cleaning house of all woke staff..ill believe that when i dont see it anymore

  4. What people need to understand is that these mega corps aren't worried about money anymore. It's about social control and conditioning. These huge conglomerates will only grow bigger even with lost revenue

  5. I have just binged many episodes of A&E on youtube as a result of your video. WOW, it is no wonder that THEY and BLM don't want this stuff shown. I am watching this in Oz and this is the REAL get woke stuff. Love your cops.

  6. I just don't get it. Did the management honestly think people would tune in to A&E after dropping the show? I have a hard time believing that a company would sacrifice it's own profits without seeing some kind of benefit.