Affirmative Actions Death Is Live

Frank Dikötter’s The Tragedy of Liberation

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  1. 16:33 Who said that he'd be told "no"?

    Having ancestors who struggled or who experienced slavery isn't racially exclusive.

    If a university asks prospective students to explain why they wish to attend that university, go ahead and answer the question honestly.

    If your honest answer is "because I'm black", you shouldn't be accepted because that isn't a good answer. It's meaningless.

    If your honest answer is that you've inherited the dreams of your ancestors to attend this university and your strongest desire is to be the one who finally makes those dreams a reality by not only attending but thriving, first as a student and then as a proud member of the alumni… Well, with an answer like that, you might actually succeed in winning them over on merit… it's a crazy idea but it just might work.

  2. 13:30 GPA is assigned by the teachers, so is just as fallible and biased as predicted grades; SAT scores are countrywide and standardised so are much more like actual GCSE/A-Level results. And, as the evidence shows in multiple studies, boys tend to do much better on final exams than on coursework while girls are more conscientious about doing homework.

    The only reason to combine the scores is to reduce the only one which matters for college admission, the actual exam result. #JunkScience

  3. This garbage occurred in my profession. (Still happening, but this is the aftermath)
    Down 1/3 of the workers. Fired, retired, quit or transferred. Moral all around is extremely low. Supervision is unqualified and has no clue what we do as a whole. Overtime is now a mandatory issue.
    The manager let's call her "untouchable" gender studies degree did what she did best (nothing but cause problems) and left. She was given a made up position that has no relevance in what my company does.
    The motto of a moron: I dont need to know the job to manage the job.

  4. Why should the fact that the parents and the parents before them have ANY standing on their own ability to perform well enough to be considered to apply for a school? Their excellence would be the only deciding factor, resting on the laurels of your family name is the way of the old world, not us in the U.S.

  5. Hang on, if the Army can’t have offices equality without affirmative action the they are either saying they are racist or that the standards of their ethnic minority officers is below the standards of other officers. WTF?!? 😮

  6. "Diversity" in the U.S. military just isn't possible. When only 14% of the U.S. population is black, you will only need ~14% black people in any group to achieve natural racial-parity diversity; that is: if equality of opportunity were truly equal at this point, and there were no other differences between races. And guess what!? When things get left alone, that's about what you get here in most disciplines that don't work along gender lines or athletics. If you want exact equal ethnic representation in the United States, you literally have to HEAVILY artificially select minorities, and exclude whites, which is, quite frankly, racism.

  7. They cry out as they did when they got the got the Affirmative action into law. They pretend that we have special rights we don't have they pretended then too. No one has ever discriminated against them, nor were they slaves in our country. They will be in deep trouble before too long and they will wish they had accepted that they were equal to us this will actually put them below us without doubt and they will no longer have the privilege of calling themselves Americans and believe me it is a privilege. Signs should say equal rights for White people and not leave the discrimination pictures up for grabs in the future when they want to say it was us discriminating against them and they will they are now.

  8. Want to be "race-conscious"? *Take all demographic information off of every application*.
    That way, only your grades and accomplishments will get you accepted, and not your race nor your gender.

  9. Thing is without affirmative action less black people will go to high end universities because the high schools most black people go to have been failing for years and the leftists don't want to face that fact and the teacher's union doesn't want to be held accountable

  10. Capitalizing EVERY race BUT Whites is a pretty obvious form of Racism…. Whites, by their own words do not deserve the same level of humanity and respect as their preferred races, or in their own words, every other race, except maybe Asians?

  11. A friend of mine is full Vietnamese. Back in college he went to our schools Office of Affirmative Action to see what kind of financial aid he could apply for.
    The people working there told him, and I quote, "You're not minority enough for us to be able to help you."

  12. The best case for meritocracy is they'll add more taxes (gibs for freeloaders) while providing better services.
    Otherwise all services (pilots, doctors, protective detail and everything else) to the politicians should be provided by 'affirmative action' candidates.

  13. It's easy to come to utilitarian definitions of terms that are not circular nonsense. It's not quite so simple to justify nonsense statements like "diversity is our strength" which, by all available evidence, is simply false.

  14. honestly im all for giving minorities separate utilities i.e, bathrooms, drinking fountains, parks, stores that they can only shop at, their own side of the street, and housing separated from any white devil neighborhoods. In fact I say we wall off L.A and chicago and let them have at it. Joe Biden & Snake Blisken would agree.

  15. The only time Race seems to matter in countless ways is when they claim that Race issues; exist without providing proof or evidence, has any part in anything Until THEY USE it for stuff like this.

  16. Connor and Callum draw a wrong conclusion on Ketanji's comment, she was saying that the "legacy" admission gets an unfair advantage over non legacy applicants, this is absolutely true. Legacy admissions are also more likely to be Caucasians. This is absolutely anti meritocratic. The answer to this however is to cancel legacy admissions, not to continue with "race concious" admissions.

  17. I've never understood why people call themselves African-American. If you were born in America you're American. Your ancestors don't matter when it comes to what you call yourself. I mean, I don't call myself Celtic-English.
    I'm also sick of people claiming their ancestors were slaves just because of their skin colour. Hey Americans, know all those white Americans? The ones that came from Europe. They probably had ancestors who were slaves somewhere in their family history, but they aren't whining about it because they are not slaves now.

  18. GPA and SAT score are only two of 40 criteria colleges look at for admitting students. There are literally 38 other possible reasons that a white student with a lower combined score would get in instead of a black student.

    Also, do we know the sex of these students? Because white woman scores higher on the oppression olympics than a black man. That alone would be enough to explain it.

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