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  1. Its gone from londinstan to britistan over night. With rising immigration taxes and crime on a level never known to the people, when travelling permits it would not shock me if you see British people migrate themselves.

  2. Sending them back, turning them round won't stop them, 20 years I've been driving trucks between Europe and the UK and dealing with this.
    Everytime one route is strengthened they find another way.
    Offshore processing should help, but that will only affects those who are caught and them clain they're asylum seekers, the Border Agency needs to go after the types of businesses that employ these people illegally, and they need to go back time and time again, make it impossible for these businesses to employ them.

  3. Here in Standish, Wigan, a local hotel (Britannia) is being used to house our new guests, all of whom appear to be able bodied males of fighting age. For the past 8 weeks the village has been flooded by our new guests in groups of 4/5/6 who are regularly seen carrying crates of alcohol with them, on occasion drinking during the day in bus shelters. So far there have been 2 reports of attacks by our new guests on secondary school age girls, with female community members now afraid to use a nearby outdoor recreational walkway which our new guests use as a route in & out of the village.

  4. im greek and i can say that the wall with tukey is about the only thing that this government has done right so far. everything else is a spectacular epic fail with the pandemic being the worst of all and the economy coming at a close second. and everything of course with a complete disregard for the constitution and such blatant corruption that not even David Copperfield could make invisible as he did with the statue of liberty.

  5. I don't know if the no fly lists and the airline's own blacklist are the same thing, but if they are there are a great number of reasons you could be on that list that don't imply that you're any sort of threat.

  6. If a British person threatened to throw their child into the sea, would they then be allowed to keep the child, or would the authorities remove the child from the parents for its safety – I think I know what the authorities would do in that case.

  7. A leftist at work (I unfortunately work with several) unironically said "Immigration only breeds innovation and improves a country". How can he possibly believe that immigration ONLY has positive outcomes? How much brainwashing is necessary for that level of blindness to reality?

  8. fria tider is either a right wing nazi paper or a pretty unbiased paper depending on who you ask, so yeah fria tider cover most things pretty well.

    i think they were born from a site called avpixlat (unpixelated) where they would take pixelated (blurred) images that were shown of rapists and murderers in sweden where the pixelation made it seem like it was someone with light skin when infact the pixels should have been darker. correct me if i'm wrong i don't know if avpixlat became fria tider

  9. Fria Tider is far from the Guardian. Fria Tider is counted as an "alternative far-right" news site.

    The ones you'd be looking for would be (assuming the Guardian is left leaning):
    – Aftonbladet
    – Expressen
    – Dagens Nyheter
    – Expo (shudder.. I think this one is far worse than the guardian)

  10. Why don't they stop demanding that people need to be physically in a country if they want asylum and just ask them to apply from the first safe country. They can even list their top 3 destinations so they don't have to fill out multiple applications if it helps. Then people that are accepted can be transported safely and anyone arriving without will be refused. They could go further by requiring islands to be turned into communities for anyone that either refuses to say where they need to be deported to and for those that no country will accept.

  11. When I was in my late teens I dreamed about migrating (legally) from Slovakia to the UK due to higher living standards, laws, and security. Never did I imagine that 20 years later I am very thankful that I did not. If central Europe starts to look like the safest region, you know that someone somewhere fucked up big time.

  12. Fria Tider is the "right wing" version of the guardian.
    Clearly right leaning even tho theyre not that far right really., alot of crap but sometimes good and sensible articles.
    The political climate however has made them more accurate than ever tho as they dont really have to lie or spin things anymore to get the clicks.
    Just reporting on the insanity is more than enough.

  13. it is 100% the media and governments fault.
    Most Swedes are normal and sane people.
    The problem is that the social democratic party has alot of support of the older generation who doesnt really pay attention anymore and vote out of habit so they stay in power (tho the rigged the election last time, there is literally a video compilation of the Left party sympathizers discussing how to get rid of votes they just counted, but since the social democrats were already in power, obviously they never investigated that.)

  14. Here in Germany, in 2016 they tried to secure the age of an immigrant by x-ray of their hands …..

    When you are a minor and still in growing process the gaps between you thumb and finger bones are clearly visible on x-rays. The older you get, the narrower the gaps are getting. Finally at the age of 24-27, the gaps are closed and you can be identified as an adult. That´s how they wanted to identify Refugees who had no official papers, for whatever reason.

    This was very fast cancelled by Immigration Supporters and Leftists as "non-neccessary unethical forced medical treatment" even if it gave clear evidence if someone is a minor or not.

  15. The MP who mentioned teeth checks was actually my MP, David TC Davies (Monmouthshire). The furore was insane at the time considering this is such a small, unknown constituency

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