Afghan Refugees: Coming to a Town Near You

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  1. Someone needs to send flyers to the refugees explaining how the democrats believe in trans/gay/pronouns and was responsible for the collapse of their country and their situation. Get some republic voters out of them.

  2. As a CA native I have watched the relatively rapid change in demographics in my state near my entire life. I cant say much more without my comment being deleted by Big Sister. People like AOC really tick me off.

  3. Of course they put the families with children front and center for their
    propaganda. I would love to see the demographics break down on these so
    called refugees. How many children, women, and full grown adult men of
    fighting age who also had zero involvement in aiding our troops.

  4. The woke left and race relations industry won't be satisfied until the UK population has topped 150M so they can subvert every election like that of the London Mayor where every town and city is run by an odious reptile like Khan. Welcome to a Yugoslavia 2.0 style conflict within two generations.

  5. Who knew AOC was a white supremist with that hand sign. I mean any person over 20 would recognize it as OK, or even diving/scuba instructors but we all know the extremists cooped it for their own nefarious use. I say we take the afgan immigrants and put them in NYC, CA, and Washington DC to show how caring the Democrats are. You don't want them to get attacked by those evil conservatives and their bibles!

  6. 280,000 BRITISH people are already homeless in the uk (thats just a government estimate, i know it will be more!) thats 1 in 200 people in the uk have no home…..why are these people not priority! makes my blood boil! and i spent 2 years on the street eating from bins whilst been on some council waiting list absolute joke! single white male..bottom of list. its time to overthrow the government and clean out the swamp

  7. Other than the odd terrorist here and there she's talking about 200,000 future Republicans. Didn't anyone tell her?

    There is a reason the Biden administration immediately deports ALL Cuban refugees. Ever seen a Cuban-American vote Democrat? Me either.

  8. The Dutch apperantly has worked with more then 25.000 Afghan Translators and Camp Security in their time in Afghanistan while our own army is only 32.000 Big ( Including Civ-personal ) , at this point we might aswell take all of their 32 Million Population in our 17 Million Population Country.

  9. What are we going to do when we run out of Afghans that want to move to the rapidly heating trash fire that is leftist states?
    Are we going to send the marines to catch them with nets?
    I mean, I get that the left is getting really concerned about rigging the next election, but this seems to be a bit too far to go even for the office of the president.

  10. Why would we want a bunch of cowards and losers who despite being given every tool and piece of training necessary to fight for their country, at our expense, were too pathetic to stand up in the face of the Taliban?

  11. Americans will now play a new lottery. The "Ruin your daughters life lottery" special bonus scratches can upgrade your win from bad to worse by ending her life after playing.

    Tickets are mandatory for all parents in qualified communities.

  12. Just as a matter of interest why don’t these Pakistani’s move to other Islamic countries as opposed to a Christian country. These Politician’s have seemly lost the plot. They appear to have no idea what is going on.

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