Afghanistan-US 20 Yr Occupancy Should Be Focus Of Scrutiny Vs. Botched Exit: Expert Panel

Military expert, retired Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, and executive vice president at the Quincy Institute For Responsible Statecraft, Dr. Trita Parsi,
debate what went wrong in the United States’ exit from Afghanistan, one year after the withdrawal.

FILE – President Joe Biden speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022. Climate activists are clamoring for President Joe Biden to declare a national climate emergency, calls the White House has so far not headed. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

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  1. U.S. spent $2.26 trillion in Afghanistan; the Costs of War Project at Brown University calculates. The biggest chunk – nearly $1 trillion was consumed by the Overseas Contingency Operations budget for the Department of Defense. The second biggest line item – $530bn is the estimated interest payments on the money the U.S. government borrowed to fund the war. Yet for all those trillions, Afghanistan still has one of the smallest formal economies on the planet. 90 percent of the population is living on less than $2 a day. This is what a $2 trillion investment has yielded for the US: a chaotic, humiliating end to a 20-year war.

  2. If Afghanistan intervention ended 10 years ago or 10 years for now, outcome would have been the same. Guys who served there knew the corruption, cowardice, and the house of cards that was going to fold the second Americans stopped propping it up.

  3. The withdrawal was a success…we lost 240 Marines in the 1983 Beirut Bombing. Our withdrawal in Korea was a disaster, Vietnam was a disaster, Mogidishu was a disaster. Afghanistan went about as good as it gets considering the other disastrous withdrawals in recent memory.

  4. Brandon told the Afghanistan leader to lie about the situation to keep his poll up. Then he chose to pullout using the most idiotic way possible causing 13 of our men and women dead and just gave 80 billion dollar worth of our top military equipments to tge Talebans, which I'm sure the Chinese will get their dirty paws on. And we still have American allies trapped there and Brandon does not care.

  5. These two guests are absolutely right. We should have left as soon as the initial objectives were met. (And arguments can be made on the legality of even those.) To me the whole idea of “nation building” from the outside is hubris at its worst. We don’t have the right to force our ideal government on others any more than the UK, France, Russia, Peru, or Mongolia do.

  6. More lies. Our mission in Afghanistan was to make money for the Military Industrial Complex. The stated “ install a democratic government to elevate the lives of the Afghans” was only window dressing. Our leaders lied to our citizens and to the Afghans, but the MIC was very well paid, so the mission was a success.

  7. Okay we know these people watch JRE. On JRE they had that guy who with his seal buddies went in and rescued everyone that helped the USA because they were being hunted!!!

    No one is going to trust the USA anymore when we come to their country to "help"…abhorrent

  8. I don't understand why a citizen of Iran keep saying we. I'm not saying I totally disagree With what he says but it would be like bringing a Chinese citizen on to talk about what the US should do with Taiwan and they keep acting like they represent the US.

  9. No, because the botched exit is also going to be leveraged and used as criticism against the US and why it can't be trusted if it were ever going to find itself in a similar situation. It's not just about the lives and equipment lost and personnel stranded in the ill thought out withdrawal. It's the subsequent capitulation of a regime that was propped up by American power and handing over of a state to bunch of Islamist thugs and sending of many civilians that had a glimpse of something better back to the stone age.

  10. The real scrutiny should be why were we there for twenty years.
    The terrorism did not come from Afghanistan but instead from Saudi Arabia.
    Maybe If we stopped killing civilians over there they might quit tossing rocks over here … Just a thought

  11. We didn’t go into Afghanistan to defeat any terrorists we went for our own personal gains with the Europeans on our side we just happen to run into terrorist while there. If Taliban thinks they can come up with a better government for their people let them. That’s not our issue should we lift sanctions and let the banks do business with them sure. But let’s not lie to the American people as to why we went in the first place.

  12. This is one of the worst things that JB did to Afgans and our own troops.. Why should he care. His children and or grandchildren were not part of this.. This is what switched my thinking about "OUR" president.. He is the WORST! A sub person

  13. The fact that we keep asking this question — How could we have made the exit from Afghanistan less of a disaster? — and everyone keeps dancing around it instead of giving a straightforward answer suggests to me that we already know what the answer is but nobody wants to be the one to say it. Honestly it's pretty obvious when you think about it: Surrender. Negotiate a formal surrender to the Taliban, on the condition that we can the safely pack up our things and our people (soldier, translators, etc.) and leave. Threaten violence if they don't comply (stick) and smooth entry into the international community if they do (carrot). That's what you do when you lose a war, which is what happened. But instead of doing the obvious thing, we opted to try and set up the Afghan government to fight the Taliban — despite the fact that we KNEW they would fall in 6 months or less — and just pull out. Why? Because surrendering to the Taliban would be political suicide. So we tried to do it THIS way, just so Americans would never have to admit that we were beaten, and so no politician would have to be the one to stand before the people and say "I'm the guy who surrendered to the Taliban." No, without a formal surrender, this is about the least bad outcome that could be reasonably expected. It's probably for the best that the Afghan government fell so quickly. God knows how many more people would have died if they had actually fought like we wanted them to.

  14. I just watched the John Oliver segment on this same topic. Somehow the narrative over there is that the botched withdrawal is all Trump's fault? The amount of mental gymnastics needed to reach that conclusion is Olympic level.

  15. Both guest obviously know each other well and are both clowns. Neither addressed Brain dead Biden leaving 100’s possibly 1000’s of US citizens behind. Why would any president withdraw the military before securing your own citizens? Why leave behind billions and billions worth of weapons and equipment for the terrorist? Neither guest addressed this, and this shows they are the second and third smartest people in the world, behind who “The big guy” thinks is the smartest person alive, “Banging dead brother’s wife” Hunter. That’s all

  16. Need playgrounds to keep war economy going. Military companies and contractors certainly got rich while taxpayers fit the bill. At the least in the 70s ppl exercised their right to protest and have a say to stop Vietnam war, nowadays anyone that has a peep got to get a permit to protest.

  17. well, the military industrial complex violently begs to differ with your guests. For them the war has been immense success as they raked in tons of money and will continue to do so somewhere else.

  18. It literally doesn’t make sense for the republicans to care so much about the exit plan instead of 20 years fail occupying Afghanistan. What are they going to do, go back to show America how it’s done 😂😂😂

  19. The exit may have been botched in the timing (Lt. Col Douglas Macgregor says it should have been in the winter,) but Biden WAS RIGHT that he DID stand up to the Military Industrial Kleptocrats and got out of a war we should have left decades ago. Trump would have exited at the right time but was backed down by the generals. It stinks when two Presidents struggled to do what was right against Generals that should be choker leashed and whipped by the President for their brazen impudence.

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