Afghanistan War: The US Soldier’s Perspective

We served with honor and purpose, that will always be a box worth checking.



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  1. And it just a wild and crazy thought from serving in the Khandar Province that we are going to let our people of this world be trampled upon by the same governments that we have taken an oath for! This is going to upset the world in a lot of ways that our administration has failed to uphold the equality of love, justice, duty, honor, courage. And above all compassion!

  2. John 15:11-14 (KJV) These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.
    This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
    Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

  3. im worried about countries that rely on usa for protection… apparently their government want to please populace inside usa, make money, gain political points and be beacon of freedom for whole world at the same time. thats clearly not the case. rampant russian propaganda that openly accepted through all western world(and especially in usa) as "truth", failures at irak, syria and now afgan is not a good sign.

  4. You can clearly see how the americans have trained the Talibans in weapon discipline, as seen here on the video. Also providing them with new weapons and vehicles as well. I dont disrespect the men and women who served on that part but I express utter disgust on the American government on their shady conducts.

  5. I don't know if I want Afghan soldiers coming to America. If they are unwilling to fight for their country I doubt if they would be willing to fight for this country. Especially the officers who lug around boys for sex.

  6. why should the US population care, the US government had done so much to keep the conflict at the sidelines while still being a source of entertainment for the public.

    Media's aren't reporting the conflict as a tragic violent incident but rather in the same tone one might see in a soapbox opera. After the 10 minutes of boos and ahhs from the viewers, it's back to life as usual.

    If the US population had actually give a real damn (or be made to) about the Afghani war, it would not have persisted for 20 years.

  7. I am most afraid of, what country America decides to invade next. That big military budget has to be spend somewhere. Without a war, it will be impossible to justify such a big and expensive army.

  8. The Afghanistan war, An Anaconda Adventure=Rockerfeller Rothschild takeover of mines and vast mineral wealth of afghanistan. We went there, like all Middle Eastern countries, to install puppet govs for the NWO agenda and steal their resources. While a war was going on, a pipeline was built and massive mining takeover. See my videos. I found CIA ran the war and pentagon and USDOD ran contracts for mining. TREASON! Upper command must be arrested!

  9. The soldiers did their very best and I don't think people can ask more from them. Im not an American, but I think that the fall of Afghanistan is a result of a myriad of a lot of things. American politicians and their failed policies, military higher-ups expediting to change their focus towards china and back to russia, Afghani government and military with their corruption and incompetence and Afghani people simply unwilling to stand up for their own. Again, these soldiers can only do so much, this failure is not on their hands but of others smh

  10. its time to move on…. call a spade a spade.. afghanistan is the wrong place to pour more resources into now.
    if in 20 plus years the afghan people couldn't get their act together, its no body's fault… period!
    the japanese and koreans had no such problem getting back on their feet after WW2 and the Korean war…. those were much worse.
    if the people is unwilling to fight the taliban, is still willing to get in bed with them, so be it.
    when an ENTIRE extremely well armed and supported country falls to a small rag tag army… its really their own fault.

    its the same as when a small ISIS army over ran HUGE portions of the middle east slaughtering armies along the way.

    america needs to walk away from Afghanistan and focus limited resources on the pacific and china. thats where outcomes will affect america far more than afghanistan ever will.

  11. Thank you to the soldiers for your service. Politics is a reason why I never want to join the military. But i respect those who do join to help the country out. Do you believe as a veteran that it voice is getting heard? Do you think ranked choice voting could help with that?

  12. This is such a tough one. Our soldiers did do everything they could do, but the rampant corruption all the way to the top seemed to make victory impossible. One veteran I spoke with told me he didn’t know if another 30 years would have made a difference. Do we keep subjecting our soldiers to these tours or get ready for a potential battle with China? Such tough questions.

  13. Three friends I went to school with and a cousin spent their adult life there. They all feel very defeated. They think it's the military getting ready for Taiwan, that's why they were yoinked. Biden should be… I won't say it. Fill in the blank. Worst president of my lifetime without a doubt.

  14. Good Video, but seriously no mention of the other Countries who were involved in this was? The US dragged 49 other Countries into THEIR war. And when they wanted to leave they just threw everyone else under the Bus. There were Soldiers from more than 20 Countries involved in the Evacuation.. Why do Americans only ever talk about themselves?

  15. That’s 10th mountain. 10th mountain was on the airport dealing with all those people. 82nd wasn’t even there until after the Afghans stormed the airport. All those videos of those dudes on the ground was 10th mountain. 82nd wasn’t doing anything they sent all the task down to us. Bullshit.

  16. "I lost friends over there and I have lost here because they could not handle what we saw over there. To me it feels like their sacrifices mean nothing now." My coworker was deployed throughout the middle east and when I asked him about how he felt about with withdraw in Afghanistan this was what he said and it stuck in a way I did not expect because I could feel the hurt in his voice when he said it.

  17. I would not blame the CIA or anyone outiside of congress and the presdency as everyone was just followed orders and as Biden said the buck stops with him. Barring Bush ofcourse atleast he cared about people who did not vote for him.

  18. The late Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore have already told the Americans before US invade Afghanistan. USA cannot fix everything in the world. US should stay out of Afghanistan after disposing the Taliban. The Afghans need to fix their own problem. There are many external parties secretly supporting the insurgency just like Vietnam. Unless US intend to vaporize these countries with nukes. They will not win the insurgency war.

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