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Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. I been seeing this for a long time the trend countries less vaccinated less Covid
    You would think the western countries would ask the African countries how they do it learn from their success but they totally ignore.
    Instead just keeping getting more shots of the same stuff that didn’t work the first two times you took it

  2. what would be nice to know? is how much processed food they eat there? in the end was a town.
    the streets are not paved, there is nobody running around cleaning everything of germs. you know they live with the planet, not against it. What I did not see is any corporation food outlets. Mc d's and all the rest. do they have processed corporation food in box's there? I'm starting to think that is the real problem. The corporation food like to take what is good in it to make something else. like here peanut butter has the real peanut oil removed to sell as another product. Then they find some other oil that's man made to replace what was the GOOD oil back into the peanut butter which is never the same.
    like here most that have covid problems are over weight, aka processed corporation food .
    I have received the vaccine, wish I didn't. I have all the side problems, headaches , hot flashes, low energy for like 2 days then normal activity's for a few days. When I first got it there was days that I would sleep for 15 to 20 hours.
    What to me is really , sad. My government is funding bio warfare development in communist country .
    That is planning to take over the planet. Nobody wants to nuke as you lose all the resources. Much better to just drop dead and bury. look at all the free stuff we get.
    One day this will happen I'm sure. Most on the top just want it all. They are not just happy with life and family.
    stay well

  3. What you eat is what you are made of!
    Afrikans we have very strong immune System because of our Foods & our best climate.
    We consume foods from Mother Nature & not GMOs, genetically modified foods!!! This is poison to the body!!
    Most of us grow our own Food! We eat more greens which most of them are herbs!!!
    Mother Nature is the Provider of the only best medicine!!
    Also in Afrika we have the best social life, we are very family oriented, less Depression!
    Depression Leads to very weak immune system.
    I love 💚 Afrika .

  4. They use Ivermectin for parasites . Just so happens it also helps with covid and the numbers show it the idea that the vaccine has any relationship to the low numbers in my mind is ridiculous the best thing that could happen to Africa is that they don't get this vaccine I think we in the west are going to pay a high price for this. Not only is death and bad side effects not reported here we haven't begun to experience the long term effects of an experimental medicine. It's not really a vaccine vaccine's mostly are grown in eggs this had nothing to do with eggs. I sure hope the data coming out of Sweden is wrong about the long Spike protein entering the nucleus of our cells.

  5. Only my opinion not verified by any medical expert, or laboratory. if this feedback prove to be relative close to accurate, then it could be the use of the anti parasitic meds used for river blindness, and also chronic treatment given to other virus infections, and lastly but not least the minority jabbed. think !!!

  6. Can someone just blow the whistle on all this insanity. Continuing to proceed down this path of mass vaccination of children, teens and healthy adults seems to have all the components of a horror movie. The so-called science is sending ominous warnings and we better pay attention now before it gets to a point of no return!

  7. Why don't you discuss the necessity or not of this bloody vaccines Big Pharma want all people to get instead of discussing racism. The whole world is being forced to take them and yes, Big Pharma used Africans ans Indians for testing and they should all.go to jail but in these same countries!

  8. There you go, folks. Proof that vaccines, boosters, masks, mandates, social distancing, hand washing, 
    and listening to Dr Fauci all make Coronavirus worse. Thank you, John Campbell.

  9. CDC Africa just posted the lastest data .. 220,971 deaths on the African Continent … however … Tropical Africa represents about 1 billion people:
    Central Africa …. 3981 deaths
    Eastern Africa .. 23,313 deaths
    Western Africa . 10,142 deaths for a total in Tropical Africa of 37,436 deaths .. 1 death per 24,000 .. less than 1/100 the average death rates of the Northern Hemisphere

    Arab North ………. 71,832 deaths
    Southern Africa . 111,703 deaths

    Multiple likely reasons:
    Half of Africa's population is 19 years or younger .. in Uganda it is 17 years
    Warm & Humid Climate
    Outdoor lifestyle with skin exposed for good Vitamin D levels .. Vitamin C rich fruits like Pineapple, Mango, Jackfruit and Tomato abundant
    Ugandans are the fittest people on earth .. only 5% don't get sufficient vigorous exercise .. low Obesity rates, particularly in men
    While it is ineffective for Malaria .. Chloroquine is abundant and regularly given for treatment
    Malaria Protozan and the common small gut worm, which many Ugandans just live with at low chronic infection levels, excrete enzymes that keep the immune system from overreacting, which is what really kills with Covid-19, an overreaction of one's immune system
    Infant TB vaccinations are shown to be protective, about 1/3 less deaths in TB vaccinated vs unvaccinated (East German vs West German studies)

    I am married into a large Banyankole Uganda family and they all got COVID-19 around March 2020 .. none of the children got ill .. I think natural herd immunity is at play
    Despite an initially large spike in Delta illness and deaths, which may have been primarily among Uganda's Indian descent population .. for 6 weeks now the deaths have averaged only 2 per day and Uganda's actual population has just crossed 47 million

  10. I have friends that are in Mozambique. They dont know if they have coronavirus. Why? They don't test for it.
    In Mozambique the average age is less than 20, they are not as susceptible to disease as western countries who have people who are very elderly, more people in their 30s 40s and 50s.

    Moreover, African life is more outdoors than western life.

    Coronavirus is a western world disease not an African disease.

  11. Africa went back to life…as real life to live, doing what God put us here to do and not worry about this man made crap and let Him take careoof it the way He does. Remember people, 'God made dirt so dirt don't hurt. Now if I don't understand this let me explain…we all were bless by a God who put everything within our reach,without anyone man making it, to survive whatever this world tries to destroy reach of us with, this includes germs and all the wonderful things all u people freak out and bleach away! Telling me most humans, including Christian, dint really live in their faith they say they have? Idk, but I do know it's not our plan it His and He's got this. No matter what u do if it's ur time it's ur time. There are no accidents when it comes to death. We can not change it and God knows by our individual faith who will be the strongest in the end days. So trust in him and put all ur faith and all ir love in the Lord Jesus Christ and no matter what happens u won't loose ur life. Amen

  12. How can you trust statistics of covid deaths in the western world when in our country of New Zealand they list death by covid when someone was shot and killed when he had covid so they list as a covid death and the government is quite happy to admit that its how they record covid deaths?

  13. Do you think it is just a coincidence that many African countries use ivermectin for yellow fever, denge, etc. and have also distributed ivermectin widely to large portions of the population as a prophylactic? How does this prevalence impact ivermectin's resultant efficacy against Covid? Are we missing this obvious variable?

  14. One word. Ivermectin. By the way, the horse stuff is the good stuff. in its natural gelatinous form. The human pills are baked at high temp to form the pill. They bake all the really good stuff our of it !!! Horse isAwsome for stroke recovery too from my personal experience

  15. In 2017 I was in South Africa with a group of 10 people from the states. We all got a parasite and had to go on Ivermectin. Of the 10 people that went on that trip….none of them contracted Covid-19.
    Our bodies were prepped and ready for Covid-19 where the GOF that created it was parasite based.

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