African Journo Who Interrupted Jen Psaki CUT OFF From All Funds

Simon Ateba is a reporter from Cameroon, and even though he attends White House briefings, Ateba gets very little public attention, primarily because he is so infrequently called on by Biden administration spokespeople. Recently, frustration got the better of Ateba, and he vocally demanded to be called upon by Press Secretary Jen Psaki on her last day. Ateba’s violation of established norms and decorum have led to his newspaper being dropped from the Stripe online payment program, and the paper may have to shut down as a result.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether Ateba’s “improper” behavior and resulting ban from Stripe can be attributed to mere coincidence.

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  1. Okay, I’ll say it – the whole of WHCA are “waayyycciiissstt!!!” 😜
    Remember, it’s the rule of the Leftists, whenever a PoC is ignored, it must be “racist”?

  2. Use BITCOIN system, you can't be cut off this way
    ps: Bitcoin is BSV, not BTC (BTC promoters, media and exchnages who label it as "Bitcoin" are literally FRAUDS)
    Anyone who doesn't understand this, please read the Bitcoin white paper, evidence for this is all there

  3. The "Woke" crowd and diehard Republicans only point out the "conspiracy" of manipulated media when it fits their narrative. Here's a perfect example, as Jimmy broke it down, of how the whole setup is done in a way so that softball questions that are rehearsed and planned for are always done by corporate media while a non millionaire/billionaire owned, independent platform will be literally ignored for possibly months. Even when the guy tries day after day to have his voice heard, not only the government but ALSO THEIR corporate media stenographers breathe fury and disgust at the guy. I mean, it doesn't get more obvious than this that ANYONE not in the"Good Ole Boy" crew is there wasting their time and nothing of substance will be discussed. It's all approved CIA questions and talking points. Ffs, the new talking zombie at the podium stares at her notes WHILE READING HER ANSWERS OFF TO THE QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

  4. Simon Ateba's a tool of the US-backed Tigray People's Liberation Front. His "Today News Africa" website popped up suddenly out of nowhere and became quite visible in Google Search right after the TPLF attacked the Ethiopian government. It's about promoting the TPLF and all its other reporting is dressing for that. Yes, he may have stood up and interrupted Jen Psaki but that didn't warrant this kind of attention without regard to who he is and what his publication does.

  5. Rape someone, attempt merk someone, rob a store or a home you can still bank with us. Go against the communistic liberal democratic arm or challenge them or disrespect them…. Cut off! Wtf has happened to america??? We the ppl are the problem because we fund the ppl and companies who hate us and want to kill us.

  6. 😮so, we need to worry about rich feelings, but screw the feelings of a man that just lost a way of providing for his family. All because he asked a question that wasn't planned, like they're used to doing. Tyrants, that are fighting for black peoples lives. Yeah, right.

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