Africans BANNED From Chinese Hotels

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The first episode of our new car channel – Can You Get a Rare Sports Car for $1000?

Africans are getting banned from hotels in China, and here is why.

Location – Nantun District, Taichung, Taiwan ROC

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  1. Its weird of China to ban an entire continent of people. Not trying to encourage racism or anything but in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chinese control tons of prostitution and scams. Often its new arrivals from China. What hypocrites.

  2. 3:55 so it is ok for US to say no more Chinese because they are known for piracy and scamming. ?? and I wouldn’t think it’s cute that that little girl tried to wipe a Black persons skin… idk maybe because I’m black…

  3. I thought all foreigners were not allowed in hotels less than 3 stars.
    There are places foreigners are not allowed Black or white.

  4. China to Africa: "We look forward to a glorious future together of cooperation, prosperity, and brotherhood, but… keep your filthy asses out of our hotels and restaurants. Okay, friends?"

  5. You seem to be more concerned about the STRAIGHT FORWARD racism!! Would it be ok if it was convert? Chinese and whites do not respect African cultures, so it's irritating to hear you repeat over and over that these behaviors from the Chinese should BE EXPECTED based on cultural differences. I know it's not their fault that black leaders do NOT demand respect for themselves or their people, however that doesn't mean they should ABUSE the vulnerability.

  6. Nigeria is one of the biggest african countries for organized crime. Google Nigerian Mafia. They even have a lot of ties to the sicilian mafia now.

  7. Your series is simply addictive. Great work. China has been so famous for its massive development, but at the same time so mysterious that I know nothing about its villages, countryside. And that you drive and talk is the best way for me to quench my thirst of curiosity about China.

    Can you please answer one question : why highways in China look so deserted? Why streets even in second tier cities are so empty.

    Thanks for patience reading.

  8. WTH am Nigerian and facts when I tell a Chinese am a Nigerian fam they just make dat tssk sound but some of them especially d young ones don’t care