After 18 months of lockdown, where are we now?

Interview with Carly J Soda

Written by TopherField


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  1. The line has definitely blurred between left and right..goodbye to Australia's Duopoly forever. Time for some major changes thanks to the G..reat A..wakening. Can we also put a stop to all Corporate political donations because we all know they're bribes not donations. Corrupt. Political parties should be fundraising..and if they're doing a good job, i'm sure they'll raise enough for their political campaigns.

  2. It is more than politics and health there is a genocidal agenda which is not a
    Conspiracy it is real Cairns news have excellent info on sound warnings by top international scientists and lawyers please investigate the eugenics ethics

  3. What more can we do? If the PM of another party knows what is happening and is allowing it to occur for optics and votes, what more aside from a literal civil rebellion can we possibly do? We must sacrifice our lives and livelihoods, I have two disabled family members to take care of if I am completely cut off from any kind of income my family will deteriorate and die. What can we do?

  4. The major parties in Aus will be voted out next election.
    I hope all the so called politicians in Australia all weep in their play pens, poo their nappies to overflowing and suck their dummies until the plastic falls off – cause mumy won't feed them no longer.

  5. In ancient Egypt when there was some sort of plaque, the high priest would advice the pharaoh to perform some atrocity on the subjects like killing of their first born in order to appease the gods and cure the plaque. Now we have this charlatan Andrews taking advice from his health “EXPERTS” on how to screw the citizens. May god have mercy on Andrews soul and his experts because the citizens won’t.

  6. You really dont think there is a puppet master manipulating the govt mafia…Come on should know this has nothing to do with ''their'' incompetence…its all by design..

  7. Thankyou for excellent discussion. Please don't forget Dan Andrew' track record since 2014: $4billion overrun on Footscray tunnel, East West Link Compensation Shame,Myki fail, sell out to china, trains problems. etc.
    On Slippery slope: I agree with anti-defamation that equating with Nazi is not right . nothing is in Nazi league. I can say the same for apartheid. And I have used the same imagery because it is important to reflect that perhaps we won't end so far down the slippery slope, but we are definitely on a very dangerous slippery slope. I thanked Dan for giving me a first hand experience of what the southafrican blacks had to go through with the dom-pass etc.
    Yet already all Human rights all out the window! Really
    On those who love the lockdown etc: We still need to reflect on the 3dozen fails of Dan Andrews on his Covid strategy with the Hotels, the incorrect tracing, failed ICU beds on top of an already failed heath system and ambulance system to mention a few.
    ALL the discussions are so distorted and so politcised, it is impossible to work through a logical argument.
    Bring on Covax australian vax. Kick this Dan Andews out of politics
    The new legislation can manoeuvre suspending the next elections due to traces of a pandemic somewhere in the world.
    How bad does it have to get till even the dumbest voter realises?

  8. I sent you a message on Facebook the other day on the 28th about something on the same subject of this video, but not sure if you actually got it or not. It was about my TikToks.

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