After The Rate Hike Deluge: With Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall has been working in the Australian banking and finance industry for over 20 years and oversees Mozo’s extensive product database. He is regularly sought out for his expert commentary and analysis on banking and interest rates trends by print, radio and TV media.

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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!

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  1. Really appreciate your work in trying to help people manage their money and debt Martin, an excellent video – although the title chilled my blood a bit. For those who don't know, the mistress of French king Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour remarked " After us, the deluge", in other words she could foresee the poor leadership of the next generation and subsequent upheaval and violence of the French Revolution even then.

  2. Thanks Mr. Martin and Mr. Pete…kiddies need to be told that there is a strong popular push in Financial Markets for a return to the Comfort Zone…which equates to 6.6% Market…everyone is happy there.

  3. Reviewing Lowe’s post rate hike answers to questions around wages keeping up with inflation Lowe has exposed his true neoliberal, Thatcher-esque colours. There is no longer any grey area here. Lowe’s position is now untenable and he must be sacked. He is the wrong man at the wrong time and every extra day he remains the Governor, the more damage will result to Australians and the economy. He is a sovereign risk.

  4. ING trimmed 0.1 % off rates just to rope in a few more suckers before they jack it up. There's always a few more you can get across the line before they go to 7%.

  5. I heard that interest rates have to keep up with American interest rates, if not the Australian dollar will loose value, increasing inflation in Australia.
    True? I don't know, but good to be aware of it as if Australian dollar goes down, imports cost more

  6. Did anyone else see the all ords spike around lunchtime today while governor of RBA was speaking a some luncheon. I don't understand anything anymore. How does market see any reason to rally. Truly, I give up !!!! What is wrong with these people ????

  7. Martin for once can we be interested in the outcomes and consequences for SAVERS. Everybody saves, or tries to, yet all we ever see is tears for people who freely decided to buy an overpriced house on advice from Scum-oh.

  8. No substantial wage increases yet but don't worry, when the fixed rate mortgages start to expire and roll onto huge variable rates we're going to see a huge spike in workers starting to put huge pressure on their employers for 5+% wage/salary increases and if the unemployment rate stays around 3.5% god help these employers because the workers will be able to get what they are asking for.

  9. Look to history and recognise the extremely poor performance of this RBA. The RBA performance shows they have consistently got it wrong and history shows they will overshoot the mark, crash the economy and then be slashing rates to try to pick up the pieces. Inflation will ease fairly quickly now the initial increases are behind us. All major economies are now struggling, China included. The thought and perhaps hope of some of a housing crash is ridiculous, not enough of it and building costs, rentals will underpin it. Affordability has got much worse, be careful what you wish for those cheering it on.

  10. It has nothing to do with the RBA really. The RBA simply follows what the FED does in the U.S. Once they started to jack up rates we were right behind them, when they stop so will we. Just like our stock market reposes or falls on any given day depending on Wall St the day before. It’s a mirror, nothing more.

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