AG Barr Mulls Sedition Charges for Rioters… My Thoughts



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  1. im wondering why the families of the people killed due to these riots arent trying to sue the mayors and governors they are directly responsible for this

  2. Why not using organized crimes charge. I remember a time when it was used again the Hell Angels for less. With sedition you have to prove the motivation. This will go nowhere And another hand, it is obvious there is an organization within antifa. And in bonus, you can charge Twitter too.

  3. Wanting to overthrow the government and violate all laws is sedition from a government mindset but overthrowing government is what gave us America. However I do believe that those that defeated the British were far more capable of fair and just rule than any socialist groups on earth

  4. I would say that sedition charges would be totally fitting. If they are doing other things too, such as arson, assault, vandalism, or whatever else, they should also be charged with any of those things as well. I mean, in their own words, they have said that they want to overthrow "the system".

  5. You should look up what a stage 1 insurgency is before you make some of your claims. Use of useful idiots like the smash and grab looters is standard.

  6. The bigger issue to me is whether or not the MSM has violated the 1st amendment by fanning the flames of violence and looting in the riots. Is it reasonable to write an OP.ED. (and most "news" is op.ed.) that leads to violence and death, and then hide behind the 1st amendment protection of the press?

  7. No you don't get a pass claiming you showed up as a paid Antifa soldier but you are just a non-political looter. I agree with you they shouldn't get life imprisonment. But you've got to understand this is why they manufacture shotguns.

  8. So…. sedition charges for these DAs? Sounds good to me. Throw in Portland's mayor. He's hamstrung his police force since LONG before the George Floyd incident.

  9. I agree Styx however there is a simple solution if you don't want to be lumped into the political crazies during a riot….. DON'T GO LOOTING AT A RIOT.

  10. I thin he has to charge as many as possible with sedition, it’s going to be case by case though, simple rioting isn’t sedition. Those taking part in antifa groups with revolutionary intent are. Establishing that legally by convicting members with sedition would tend to be logical . It’s important to have good legal basis, you can’t just charge a rioter with sedition, it’s also about why they riot.

  11. The problem is that the local / state authorities are not prosecuting – AG Barr wouldn't even be involved if these local progressives weren't equity justice ideologues. Barr only has federal charges at his disposal. Citizens in these areas need help. If enough of these criminals are charged with federal offenses, the mayhem will be quelled and to hell if the charges don't fit the crime.

  12. If the Leftist feel comfortable conflating protesting with rioting…. I feel comfortable conflating looters with seditionists. Motivation is impossible to prove….. loser think.

  13. I don't riot. I don't burn down people's livelihoods. I don't go around beating people for wearing a Biden hat or waving other signs disagreeing with me. I don't shoot random people as some retaliation because of rapists and child molesters that happen to agree with me politically got shot. They do.
    I don't flip out and block traffic and crack windshields of scared people in mobs because some scumbag thug that wouldn't comply and goes for a weapon gets killed. I don't loot. I don't steal from working people trying to make a decent living. I don't condone those that do!!! So I Do Not CARE, I DON'T Freek-Kuh-Yuk-a-Din CARE, if they get harsh sentences! To perdition with them all. Go tf home or go to gitmo, you vile scumbags. Hope those Reebox were worth it.

  14. I don’t know… some opportunist looter who falls in with BLM or Antifa, even if it’s just for cover for their thievery, and happens to have political leanings sympathetic to these marxist groups voiced on personal social media accounts are at a minimum accessories to the sedition and terrorism. Maybe they don’t deserve life in federal prison like the hardcores do but they shouldn’t get off scot-free on a technicality. I still want people like them to pay some form of restitution provided they have a chance a rehabilitation. They need to be made to remember their situation was due to their gullibility and/or unwillingness to better themselves.

  15. Blah , blah, blah. If Barr, the FBI and Wolf are doing their jobs . They’d be asking questions. Like …. was the end goal to take down capitalism and hand over the reigns of power to Socialists? How much funding and approval came from Democrats? Does the media make the laws of this country now? Sedition is extremely helpful in stopping revolutions that don’t benefit the majority, based in fact , based in actions , based in law and order. Most every State was in a State of Emergency when the riots happened. Yet not one voice I heard was protesting lockdown, school closures, forced business closures. Mask., you get the drift. If they are Marxist then treat them as such.

  16. Styx is a fan of RBG. She was a HORRIBLE SC Justice. Activist who ignored the US Constitution in just about EVERY one of her rulings. Maybe RBG didnt want to throw drug users in jail. That weak stance is not a reason to give her a PASS. She was EVIL. If you can't see her as Evil, You may want to go throw some poop with the Democrats, they are delusional.

  17. Looters should be shot on site PERIOD your amazing you split hairs LOOTING FOR ANY REASON IS A SHOOTING OFFENCE I WATCHED ALL THE FILM AVAILABLE THERE ARE NO INNOCENTS IN THIS SHIT and I dont want to support a God dammed looter in prison your out look is child like youn man if you take a fukin shoe lace out of a nike store on fire. YOU NEED KILLIN PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO WANT TO MAKE IT SOOOO DEEP AND BEAT YOUR GUMS ABOUTLEVELS OF WRONG ARE THE FUKING PROBLEM. LOOTING FOR ANY FUKING REASON IS A SHOOTING OFFENCE OR YOU HAVE ANARCHY OH GENIUS ONE

  18. Problem is that there are seditious actors mixed in with the rioting looting and so called protesting and based on the background checks and social media accounts and affiliations the sedition charge carries more weight and federal charges so they are not let out the same day !

  19. It might be an overstretch to go after the mundane rioters, I agree with that; but these DA's that are refusing to prosecute for political reasons should absolutely be investigated federally, maybe not for sedition, but what they are doing is wrong and should be held to account.


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