AG Barr UNLOADS on Mail In Voting at CNN?

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This is my FAV trusted source ^^^^??

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Intro By: The Rivers Editor

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Written by No B.S.


  1. If you were republican or democrat i'm fine with that but you are trump party and that biased crap just just demeans your supposed No B.S. name

  2. Why is it worth celebrating that Bill Barr has converted the top police position in the country into the President's own personal lawyer who ordered to pepper spray peaceful protesters in front of a church for a political photo op for Trump? I don't want a "strong" AG, I want an AG who cares about serving the people as the top police and who can assert his office to check on the President.

  3. Let them send them in (let people receive the ballots), and then they will go to vote (people not filling them, and going to vote normally). Easy

  4. You are a hack who doesn't have the slightest clue what he is talking about. LOL
    You think Barr is "good" because you are ignorant and are just as much of a garbage person as he is.
    People who are ridiculous enough to agree with or take the things this idiot says seriously should really do themselves a favor and let go of their bias and learn some facts.
    The plug for the product you are trying to sell shows just how much of a pathetic grifter you are and it is depressing to see that any rational and self respecting person would bother to give anything you say any kind of value.
    You are clearly fake, stupid, and worthless on all of the levels. Ha

  5. Wolf : We haven't seen widespread problem yet…

    Everyone: If we cant handle it on a small scale, what makes you think it's goin to go smoothly on the largest scale?? ?‍♂️

  6. I can´t believe how vulnerable the US mailing vote system is.

    Sweden is really not a beacon of democracy, but the mail in system is really very safe.

    Firstly you have to have two vitrines, they have to copy there ID and sign a paper that they vittnes person X actually signing there voting papers.

    So there is a number of inner envelopes with the votes, A mid envelope with the signing of the person how voted, and a outer envelope with copy and sign of the two witnesses. The envelopes also use a two component glue that and a water mark making very hard to open.

    On election day the votes is stored in your voting location. If you come and vote in person, you are totaly alowed to do so, and this is the really smart part of the system. If you come and vote in person, when you already voted by mail, they hand your vote envelope back to you, NOT OPENED. Its totally sealed.

    The only person alowed to open the envelope is the person in the name of the vote. Then you can open and check that your votes is unchange.

    If they are changed, you can leave everything but the actually votes to the police and they will DNA trace

    Also, if your vote is not available, you can also report it to the police.

    If you do a same day postal vote, they the vote will be sent to the region vote recount, and check if you have not voted, If you have voted, they will send your vote back home to you, if you have not voted, they wills imply count your vote. This is usually counted the very next day.

    In effect, you can vote twice and sort of change your vote, but you can´t get it registered twice, that is not possible, than the total vote count would not be right, and the whole district would get there vote thrown out.

  7. oh it's started-in RI we have several people getting 6 and 7 ballots to houses that the people haven't lived there in decades or never lived there

  8. For a channel titled No B.S., why are you clearly spouting so much of it? I suspect it's because you don't actually have any valid arguments to make in favour of the current administration or against the people they are running against. I have no problem with anyone supporting conservative policies, what I do have a problem with is anyone mindlessly supporting the corrupt individuals that currently are the public face of your Party.

  9. Love the show buddy, but if i may ask maybe play the clip at the begining in full then replay parts you want to hone in for your 2cents which we are all here for by the way?. Pausing the clip in the middle while playing it for the first time is a bit distracting and takes away your commentary. Have a good one.

  10. I know this is a bit off topic but
    while I was reading comments in some of the No Bullshit / No B.S. Videos, there was an attention seeking wannabe-troll name @YOMO HANMA.
    One of his ridiculous comments said “No (Secret Jesuit) Bullshit.” without any evidence at all of this “Secret Jesuit” claim.
    Please anyone confirm that if he’s a troll or not.
    Just saying.