AG Says EVERY Rioter And Looter Was Released By Democrat From Prison Over COVID

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  1. Well gee whiz, what do suppose is going on Tim? Do you think it's a conspiracy? This is all happening, and it will continue happening because people like you refuse to believe in conspiracies. That's a big problem when there is a powerful conspiracy to bring down your country. You don't believe in the enemy. It's hard to fight an enemy you don't believe in. If everyone simply knew that there is a very large conspiracy we could end it quick. But that will never happen.

  2. America supports the Floyd’s and wants the police prosecuted ! America is also tired of this bull crap violence ! They ruined every thing they were working for ! We’re tired of this protest/riot ! Police are killed and injured, civilians are killed and injured, building are burned, looted and torn apart ! They’ve lost the right ! All lives matter you self centered ignorant idiots ! Read the crime stats !

  3. If a snowflake doesn't blame itself for the avalanche… Maybe some snowflake should route an avalanche to the doors of the celebrities that bail the rioters out.

  4. If you want to know why police might be overly aggressive, these people are the reason why. Imagine if you're an officer in that line, and you have an army of looters who want you dead. You're all getting shot and it's impossible to know where the threat is coming from. These police have to treat every single situation as if it's life or death because of you. Because you escalate and demand that cops die because you got caught in some crime. Don't you dare talk to me about police brutality when the people are behaving like animals. You treat the police far far worse than they would ever treat you. You don't deserve any sympathy and you will not get it from me.

  5. “The with control everything”
    Star Wars is exactly like the US. The Illuminati controlling all this terrible shit… no reasonable person would allow this!!

  6. So we are in a reality where Alex Jones is actually more on point then he seems? Bad enough seeing the left become what it has and betray the principles of liberty for all into the new brown shirts and now Alex Jones rants may hold truth…at least the demon parts are still crazy but the democrats plotting to do a coup? Well, I can't exactly argue.

  7. Has this atrocity turned into an election stunt? Cop? Con? Left? Right? I see a pattern. There is an algorithm. It is bleak. Pick up your ears. This is real. People who don't do Dogma. Take control.

  8. You can't visit your dying relative because covid. If you protest you'll be arrested. You cant have a funeral for your family member because covid. Yet, blm and antifa can riot, have 5 funerals for floyd and get released from jail because made up reasons. Tired of this yet?

  9. C'mon Tim stop it with that "we don't know who to trust". Anyone with a brain knows who NOT to trust and knows covid was bullshit, lockdowns were bullshit, protesting for justice was bullshit, and all the mayhem and civil unrest is all about the upcoming election. Quit being our friendly neighborhood milk toast fence sitter and call it like we all see it….or maybe you just like that fencepost sticking you in the a**