AHPRA denies bullying doctors while more than 100 are threatened

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is the professional body that registers medical practitioners. For example a doctor or nurse cannot work in those professions without approval from the AHPRA.

AHPRA can suspend a medical practitioner for breaching the Practitioner’s Code of Conduct.

Recently AHPRA amended the code to include instructions to medical professionals that they must support the Government’s vaccine agenda in their words and actions, or their registration would be reviewed.

Senator Roberts asked AHPRA how many medical professionals they have cautioned for wrong speak, placing their registration at risk. The figure was 108.

Of those 16 were then suspended, and a further 11 were suspended after defending their patient’s right to informed consent.

Unless a medical professional can talk openly with their patient, explain the procedure, explain the risks and explain alternatives a patient cannot give informed consent.

AHPRA’s actions are in conflict with long-established legal principles surrounding patient care. One Nation will continue to pursue this matter.

Written by Malcolm Roberts


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  1. I'd still like to know how a State Government can gt away with with forcing citizens to be jabbed or taking away their ability to work.
    I was left with a choice of eitbr get jabbed and be able to work, or, dont get jabbed and have no income. How is this legal?

  2. In New Zealand, so many good doctors, nurses and medical professionals have been sacked for speaking the truth, (not just personal opinion), believing in informed consent, and/or refusing to take experimental gene therapy (it's not a vaccine if you didn't already know). This is happening all over the world, that cannot be an accident. The people complicit in this destruction of society, such as those in this room, either genuinely don't realise they're being played, or do but are too cowardly to speak up. Either way they should be ashamed.

  3. What kind of a hack can't even clarify their own question. Less than two minutes in and you look like a complete moron, because you don't even have a definition for "authorised speech". Shame on the idiots that voted for you. God forbid medical professionals be held to professional standards.

  4. I can’t listen to flat out Narcissistic gas lighting liars 🤥
    Good work Malcolm I don’t know how you tolerate such scum of the Earth, I’m sure if God ✝️🙏🏽❤️ is handing out medals to his warriors, yours will be huge & gold 🌟🌟 🌟🌟🌟
    this dude and that vile Brendan Murphy won’t be in the same realm as us! 🔥 😈 🔥 😈 🔥 🔱👺

  5. I have left my life long Doctors, re: Sturt rd Family Clinic now or since Covid, so called Pro Health clinic.
    Disgusting, treated in the carpark as a unvaccinated person…. twice. Second rate citizen it seems !

  6. 93 Canadian doctors have died suddenly since they were forced to take the medicine to keep their jobs, 7 of them from turbo charged aggressive cancers, and what is worse is the Canadian health officers have deleted their names and details from their In Memoriam website, what are they trying to hide?

  7. Please ask them why they mandated so many rules on weak, contested evidence while refusing to consider 75 years of solid data. They literally quoted "anecdotal evidence" of a single flight for the entire masking fiasco, when masks have NEVER been found effective against flu-like viruses.

  8. The AHPRA spokesperson kept repeating that Drs must follow ‘best available evidence’

    What was the true ‘evidence’?
    The fact it was an experimental drug completely wipes out that argument !

    Re Informed Consent, Drs and Nurses could not implement this AS THEY WERE NOT INFORMED … ie the inserts were intentionally BLANK!
    AHPRA are power hungry liars

    Drs and Nurses too have completely failed the public in largely giving in to failure to give informed consent in lieu of accepting extra Government funding and protecting themselves instead of their patients

    Saying this I acknowledge it was not particularly easy for them when they knew that most other practitioners would not support them

    I am a retired RN and am beyond shocked at what has happened over the last 2 1/2 years

    To repeat the statement of many others;
    “This will go down as the most widespread scientific and medical fraudulent crime in history”

  9. You saved the best for last.
    In his final statement, the AHPRA representative clearly declared that the interests of medical practitioners IS NOT their focus but the welfare of the public, blah, blah, blah.
    How, in anyone's imagination, could suppressing doctors and other health practitioners and only support the official narrative (supposed defenders of the public good) actually be beneficial for anyone?
    Anyone who is not heavily invested in the official narrative and has done even five minutes of research will see that this has been a farce from beginning to end.

  10. It's up to an individual if they choose to forgive the crimes done to them (keeping in mind we can't forgive crimes done to other people, only to our selves) but we must never forget , and must do all we can to stop this medical warfare and ensure the criminals are brought to justice.

  11. Let me see, they lie their way to get into positions of government power, then
    they abuse that government power, and then they weasel their way out of any
    direct questions or answers relating to abuse of government power. And only
    sometimes, you can see them squirm and fizzle and squeal like stuck pigs, as
    is the case here.
    *As long as they don't see it as bullying ….. it isn't "bullying."* And any threats
    of punishment is not 'bullying.' And doctors don't know what they're doing, and
    have to be told what to do? THE QUESTION IS, WHY IS GOVERNMENT IN THE
    BUSINESS OF TELLING DOCTORS WHAT TO DO!! And the answer is, medicine
    and government does not mix and never did … because viruses do not adhere
    to government mandates. Government can only advise a coordinated effort, it
    is doctors on the front line that know best. And the level of communication in
    the medical profession is second to none when it comes to medicine and the
    outbreak of disease and pandemics. It is doctors INFORMING GOVERNMENT
    when an outbreak occurs and NEVER WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

    **AHPRA: should be dissolved in acid.**….. because virus breakouts cannot be
    regulated. AHPRA regulates doctors, and believes SOMEHOW, that will regulate
    viruses. If and when doctors go on strike, lets see just how well AHPRA is able
    to regulate and stop the spread of virus. They cannot. AHPRA's effectiveness at
    dealing with actual disease and viruses and pandemics WAS ALWAYS A WORK

    The only thing dumber than the existence of the AHPRA …. all the people that
    cast a vote to bring these government bureaucracies into existence. Because,
    when you are told what to do, the quality of medicine goes down. All thinking
    stops as doctors are forced to obey ….. a human being cannot think and obey
    at the same time. It becomes what the doctors knows is best to what he is told
    is best. THE TWO ARE NEVER THE SAME. If they coincided: he would not need
    to be told. *And what it is, its reason and logic versus government edict.* No,
    when it comes to one's health, a government bureaucracy is the last thing you
    want handling your case. *It makes more sense just to buy yourself a coffin.*

    There should exist a public information bureau and not a Medical Practitioner
    Regulatory body. A Registrar of Medical Practitioners should only be a formality.
    Yes, even registering as a, SNAKE OIL SALESMAN, should be allowed. Yes, each
    man's record will speak for itself. As it should be. Each mans' record has always
    been what keeps you safe and not a regulatory body. The Registrars function is
    to keep the records straight only, keep it free of fraudulent qualifications claims.

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