AI Art is Nuts

This is the greatest AI art of All Time
I stream every day

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  1. I really need to dive back into AI Generated art again. The craziest things I experimented with was if Komi-san was a member of the band Deftones or what happens if Komi-san was drawn like a black metal album cover.

  2. I regularly browse DeviantArt in my free time. Honestly I feel like they should rename it to AI Art. For every one regular human-made artwork in my feed, there's probably like 6-7 AI artwork in between them. Don't get me wrong though I don't hate AI art, some of them I am legitimately impressed by, but I hate when its constantly shoved in my face. Setting those kind of artwork to "show less like this" doesn't do shit.

  3. Damn I'm just starting my second year of uni as an art major and this is legit scary because art is something I want to make a career out of. I dont wanna be kicked out of my career before I'm even out of school

  4. Ai art is more for inspiration and can give you a new perspective on a picture or scene you might want to create, sometimes you get so fixed on a certain idea you cant think about it from a different perspective but the ai can help because its random

  5. In 5 more years, will AI generated computer coding be good enough to replace actual coders? Then theres gonna be AI generated youtubers, AI generated movies and games. In 15 years the hit video game genshin impact will exclusively only have ai generated characters.. how much is too much?

  6. The thing about AI art, is that the art only looks 'good' because it's drawing from pre-existing works by artists who've developed their craft over decades. AI art isn't generating pieces line by line or stroke by stroke, it's photobashing existing artworks together to give the impression of professionalism. While they may look good at a glance, if you actually analyse and critique them they don't make any sense and are filled with mistakes that even a human wouldn't make. Seriously, look at the art fair winner piece up close, it's a mess.

    AI art doesn't solve any problems, it just lets bozos who can throw some words at a neural net feel comparable to professional artists who've put in the time to learn the fundamentals of art and use it for narrative or political purposes. AI's don't have opinions, or thoughts, or emotions, the art will always be empty and meaningless.

    TL;DR – It really sucks 😟

  7. You should look into the Patrick cc situation. He’s going through something shady on yt and your voice has a way of reaching a lot of people in a efficient and informative manner.

  8. For the love of god "helpful for small studios who cant afford a high price for a talented artist"
    They should hire a up-incoming and small-time artists, not use a fucking program that has to literally steal other peoples hard work to create this shit for you aesthetic hungry goblins.

    "Why hire a new artist when the AI can give us something quicker and cheaper?"
    "Why hire the old artist when the AI can give us something quicker and cheaper?"
    "Why hire that specific artist when we can train an AI off their work?"

    I'm sorry for the rant but I kinda love watching Charlie and I know the influence he has online and it feels shitty seeing him defend AI art cause it's a fun little distraction to him when it's a serious kick in the nuts to something I hold dear and have had aspirations in for my entire life.

    Please, just pay an artist to do the work it's not that expensive if you don't go straight to the guy with the biggest following and it supports real actual humans who need to feed themselves and their families.

  9. "As an art major" sorry but any fine arts degree is a waste of money. You're paying probs 5-15k a semester for a degree u may only make like 30k a year if you're lucky. Get a practical degree so u can make a living then go for what you enjoy

  10. I probably have to disagree with the ai not being able get specific. Sure right now it's pretty simple but even now there's praise sets and ways to zero in on what effects the final outcome of the request, and you can generate countless images so you would be able to constantly tweak the image to what you're looking for

  11. As a knowledgeable artist, its just a tool, what it needs now is a direct connection to our thought process. This would enable us to create what we imagine in real time, eventually in 3d. Then world building for games and vr experiences will become easier to form for the teams involved in their creation.

  12. I could definitely see this used by young musicians to make album covers if they can't afford to do a commission or make it themselves. I am an artist as a hobby so I'm also quite scared of what could happen in the future with this but i think that no matter how much pushback there is, we're just going to have to accept that ai art is out there.

  13. Dall-E would've absolutely been able to do the james corden vegeta thing first try, 90% of the time Dall-E memes were scarily accurate outside of occasionally having blurred faces, but that just added to the surreal nature of em most of the time, the one with the Xenomorph guest starring in friends was perfect

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