AI Searches Public Cameras to Find When Instagram Photos Were Taken

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. One of many reasons why I don't share any photos of myself or livingspace online. Also creeps and stalkers are salivating at this. Which is why I find it irresponsible when people do Family Vlogging (taking their kids privacy and put them in danger) or show off their new apartments or houses.

  2. Who cares? So they have another script that tracks you. Good! If you insist on plastering your mug on insta every 5mins, you should be tracked. I 'd like to know where you are so i can avoid your vapid annoying self, and not ruin my day by seeing you IRL.

  3. well people are idiots… dumb as f… not thinking ahead once second… I were in an IT school some years ago and told the students this and their, all of them, response: I have nothing to fear, let them do it. If I gave them what is known today, they would be freaked and not say the same words.

  4. Data ownership is a topic more people should take seriously. If no privacy then do you have the right to disappear? I think Europe has a law that allows you to ask a company to scrub yourself from their database but i honestly can't picture how that would would work at all. Especially if it's a social media company with integrations to so many services, the law sounds impossible to follow.

  5. I didn't have any problem back then about the spying when we are not forced to upload data just to be able to serf. But now, you will be forced out of the net if you don't comply. I'm still waiting for the tech to live off grid.

  6. I disagree. That's not "breakthrough".

    Breakthrough is building a Thorium molten salt nuclear reactor, or a self heating fusion reactor that actually works. Breakthrough is forming a micro singularity from laser light, and sending a spec of dust through it, making it teleport a few meters away. It's when you find a way to actually combat a certain type of cancer with great efficiency. And of course all the theory, and documentation that goes before the actual experiment, that is breakthrough.

    Taking an ancient tech, a battery, and squeezing a few more milliamps out of it. Taking a tire, and having it resist the sun a few more days. Taking a program, and a adding a ton more code into it, increasing it's complexity, and proneness to errors, but also calling it an "AI" for commercial reasons.That's not breakthrough.
    What you're talking about here, is "refinement".

  7. So its used for instagram pictures NOW. It will be used for dissidents next. The definition of which changes as needed, its 74 million of US citizens atm. What makes the other residents think they arent next?

  8. I'm looking forward to the time the technology that is used to control us starts controlling our overlords, just gonna watch them moan and think f u. Not going to lift a finger to help.

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