Ain’t THAT Convenient

Is Pelosi and her minions masterminds or is this just another weird coincidence?

➡️When Billions Are Simply NOT Enough –
➡️T R I L L I O N S –
➡️Oh, So NOW We Can Make Our Own Decisions… –
➡️Bruh… –
➡️Pelosi AGAINST Banning Congress Members From Trading Stocks…I Wonder Why? –
➡️Pelosi Is “The Finest Speaker in the History of the Country” –
➡️Pelosi Teleports Away When Confronted About Using Capitol Police to Intimidate Her Opponents –
➡️Nancy Pelosi Glitches –
➡️Pelosi Thanks George Floyd for Taking One for the Team –
➡️Pelosi’s Virtue Signaling Stunt Backfires –
➡️Deflection 100 –

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  1. Last year I was debating with someone about the moves that the US, China and Russia would be making. I said the US playbook would be to sit back and let China and Russia run amok so as to prove that the US was a more altruistic superpower. Looks like I was right. China is a dragon, Russia is a chimera and the US is a hydra.

  2. She better not be down & out too long. She’s got insider trading to get back to with her hubby. You don’t have a wealth of 130million+ as a public official by letting some cold get ya down.

  3. If it turns out that China was behind Pelosi getting the Koof and she dies, what do we owe China for the great service to the US? I think we should give them the same thing Xi has given Putin for not starting his invasion of Ukraine during the Beijing Olympics. Nothing! Okay, maybe not blast their sorry asses off the face of the Earth for one more day.

  4. At least address this in a matter like "in order to prevent further escalation…" or something. Instead they cop out like damn child. My finger hurts, can't go to school. What buffoonery.

  5. Yeah, I thought the exact same thing…lol. They all get "covid" when they get threatened, or they just disappear for a while and make a miraculous comeback.

  6. Like they stole that from Canada yo, that was our PMs way to ignore protests, then get the UN involved to beat us, then when that wasn't enough, introduce a bill that will make ALL PROTESTING ILLEGAL, and police will now have 100% authority to seize assets, property, and anything else they deem as aiding the protest, anything.

  7. Get well soon 🙁
    Has the FBI or CIA already a lead on who infected her? She is vaccinated and wears a mask all the time! Did they slip something in her whiskey?

  8. Oh that actually sounds correct. Cause I think this was her 4th covid19 positive.
    My question is first why is a congress person from California going to tawain any ways?
    Isn't that the secretary and vice president job?

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