Airlines CAUGHT Lying About Massive Cancellations | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar explain the dispute that broke out between the FAA and airlines over the causes of massive cancellations on July 4th while Pete Buttigieg’s inaction continues

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  1. Socialist for the rich and screw the American people again Russia rubles soaring and USA dollar is in crisis Russia control wheat fertilizer oil and gas and India China buying cheaper oil and gas and fertilizer wheat from Russia Latin America love Bernie Sanders remember the Mexico President was called the Bernie Sanders of Mexico when he was first elected

  2. Yeah let's believe the FAA, and not our lying eyes that tell us cancellations are due to firing unvaccinated employees. This all sounds like cope from people who think you can kick at least 15% of your workforces to the curb and everything will be fine.

  3. People are getting 'mild' refunds? People are getting refunds at all? I had a (delta) direct flight across the country to attend my grandfathers funeral. My direct flight turned into a 9 hour MINIMUM layover with a high chance of missing the funeral altogether (keep in mind I paid for a direct flight rather than the cheaper layover option). My initial flight was cancelled less than 24 hours before takeoff. I was able to get on a different flight with a layover in Atlanta, but lo and behold that flight also got cancelled. After 9 hours in the Atlanta airport I just barely managed to sneak on the last flight to my destination city in a standby line. The refund they offered me? NONE. Not even a customer service line is available. Check delta's website, the only way to inquire about a refund for this sort of behavior is to SEND THEM A PHYSICAL LETTER. No email. No phone line. Their old phone line simply says they aren't available at this time, and hangs up on you. We've all been robbed once again

  4. The story is kind of personal to me as I have a long time friend who I believe worked at United and was forced to retire during covid and I suffered the horrible experience of trying to get refunded canceled flights

  5. Funny this is only coming out now. One airline (wont say who because i want to continue my status for wtf thats worth) has been selling flights that dont exist and then "cancel" them later

  6. That agency just like the rest of the Biden do nothing administration.. does nothing.. worth nothing… Biden makes Jimmy Carter look like a DYNAMO LEADER!!

  7. Why should the dept of transport tell the airlines how to service customers and routes? Cancel a few times on a client and the market will take care of that airline.

  8. We should create an office within the government that deals with transportation, like a transportation secretary. It’s to bad we don’t have one.

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