Airlines HUMILIATE Incompetent Buttigieg | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar analyze the incompetence of Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary for the Biden administration after a recent meeting with airline executives left him humiliated

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  1. Any segment on Mayor (now Secretary) Pete should remind listeners about his career as a professional down-sizer and job destroyer at McKinsey. He has even managed to get this scrubbed from his Wikipedia bio.

  2. We are short of qualified pilots because they got fired or quit during covid. The rate of training of new qualified pilots is higher than ever. The current shortage is not Secretary Buttigieg's faults.

  3. How can say “ripping consumers off” in the same sentence as “they don’t have the staff” MaYbE…. Maybe they need to raise prices in order to be able to find people to staff their planes… Bernie bro logic

  4. Could you please do a piece explaining how you know the pilot shortage is untrue? Something that maybe covers the piece in Forbes?
    People who want to refute the issues of thr airlines immediately say its not true that there are more than enough pilots lisenceses still being issued

  5. So no acknowledgement that alot of pilots were vaxxed injured and can no longer fly? Or lost their job because wanted to practice body autonomy? They never touch this subject 😑😒😒

  6. good thing they fired all those heros who wouldnt get vaxed after previous infections.
    congratulations america, this is a direct result of living in a state of fear and panic.
    what, did you think the airlines wouldn't stay greedy? open your eyes

  7. There is a simple fix here. If the airlines don't have staff to fly they can loose their landing rights. Those rights are extremely valuable and they will do anything to keep them. But if they aren't using them why should they be free to hold on to them denying other carriers that might want to service those airports.

  8. The government pressured most airlines to require COVID vaccinations. And the government communicated that they want more female and non white pilots, to further their racist and sexist policies. The government is responsible for this mess and should reap what they sow.

  9. The fact that the Dems are going to force feed us Pete Buttigeig as their Presidential nominee in 2028 (or '24 if Biden falls off his bike again…) is so sad. Our choices are insane right-wing Republican or do-nothing Republican Lite.

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