#AIS: Glenn Greenwald & Matt Taibbi discuss the new political divide, moderated by David Sacks

This conversation was recorded LIVE at the All-In Summit in Miami!

0:00 David Sacks explains the origin of this panel on political discourse in America
2:56 Understanding the new political divide, how Trump’s victory impacted discourse
12:37 Can mainstream media ever get back to relative neutrality?
29:15 Audience Q&A

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  1. An overall pretty cynical take on the journalism industry today but unfortunately it is likely true. Journalists, news anchors, reporters are all humans and we all still live in a system where money is still the lifeblood that drives all of our decisions. Survival first, integrity a distant second.

  2. when was this, 2022 (recently)?? surprised greenwald was able to enter usa for 1st time since snowden story (2014)?…(not because he broke any laws, but because usa loves to wrongfully lock up whistleblowers & journalists who report their stories)

  3. My only critique is that Tabibi and Greenwald seem to cling on to the Trump
    Phenomenon as a working class /blue collar movement. There are many university educated professionals who supported Trump. I know a lot of them and I am also one , although we had to muzzle our opinions to keep our jobs and friends. . I’m tired of this blanketed understanding of Trump support . In reality, it was very diverse. I feel that Taibbi and Greenwald suffer from what they say their journo colleagues suffer from – realizing the truth and afraid to admit it because their world would fall apart

  4. amazing discussion…amazing guests……its more than a shame that cable television (fox, cnn, msnbc, etc) wouldnt have a discussion like this……its sad that the powers-that-be destroyed the country, maybe even the west…….people who liked bernie werent commies and people who liked trump werent nazis or racists……..they just are tired and wanted hope and change……obama will be re-evaluated in the future and obama knew his voters wanted hope and change and all he did was neglect them and basically throw them under the bus or whatever that idiom is.

  5. Why did Glenn and Matt not take issue with Calacanis's summary at 30:00 – that the mainstream left moved to the far left. The mainstream left moved to the far right. Clinton and Obama are right-wing conservatives.

  6. Wow! You certainly caught my eyes and ears! I’m a new subscriber. These two guys are two of the most level headed journalists in the country. (yes, I know, Greenwald technically lives in Brazil)

  7. Trump got a lot of things right, but he underestimated Big Tech. He's only now building his own social media platform, which is too late for 2024. He should've picked an existing alt-tech platform and go All-in (pun intended) on promoting it, so when 2024 comes and censored on Big Tech platforms, he can still get his message out.

  8. “East is East, and West is West; never the twain shall meet!” Kipling I guess the same is not true of “Left” and “Right”. Greenwald and Taibi are so far Left that they are now “Right Wingers”? What has this world come to?

  9. Glenn is so cool, love the way he is dressed. Great the way he dissects the MSM insane white racism narrative. Trump is a populist and media refused to see it, only that Trump is a white supremacist.

  10. I wish Matt would dive further into what exactly happened when he tried to explain the Trump voters in nuanced terms. Who put the kibosh on his stories exactly? How many times did that happen? What concessions did he have to make? How did he change his stories to meet the narrative? Where was he working?

  11. What they don't spend enough time on, is that labelling someone "right-wing" is to say that they should be ignored, ridiculed, and opposed. This is the work product of generations longs political project of the democrats and their allies in the media. Being called "right-wing" by the left isn't a brand on your politics, it is a brand to how you should be treated.

  12. The saddest part of the liberal application of the 'rightwing' label (where it is used, as Glenn says, as a mark of uncleanliness) is how much of their time is now spent having their backs patted for having a basic level of journalistic integrity.. i think its made both of their work less interesting 🙁

  13. The two parties are in battle with each other. They want to hit the other just enough to gain an advantage, but not enough to eliminate one party in a 2 party monopoly. Both parties are charlatans and grifters and this tabloid journalism…

  14. Too, you guys are embraced by those of us that are Classical Liberals (commonly known as Libertarians, which is considered right wing by todays standards), because of your honesty and common issues that we share with Progressives. Now if we could the same page on Economic issues, we’d be a real force!

  15. Far right now also includes Max Blumenthal, Kim Iverson, Jimmy Dore, Susan Sarandon, Ricky Gervais, Dave Chapelle,Tulsi Gabbard, Bill Maher, Chris Hedges, Abbey Martin, Oliver Stone, Jon Stewart, etc…, strange times…

  16. Elon Musk just announced that he was voting all Republican and that his preferred candidate for 2024 is Desantis. He also is staunchly anti-union and pro-unfettered capitalism.

    Yeah, I'd say he's right wing.

  17. The left is embracing Marxist authoritarianism bc they believe the right are nazis? Lol No Greenwald. The left is simply on its own shifting far left and anyone to the right of Stalin to them is a nazi

  18. Im getting tired of these talks that basically focus on everything except policy issues that could bring about constructive change. How about talking about climate change, inflation, the war, gerrymandering, health care, minimum wage, the electoral college etc etc? Ok, we got it, both parties are bad. Lets move on making them better.

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