Aisling O’Loughlin interviews Riccardo Bosi from Australia One Party

Riccardo Bosi is a consultant in leadership, strategy and innovation, and is also a former Australian Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel.

He is now the leader of AUSTRALIA ONE Party and has big plans and high hopes for Australia’s future.

AUSTRALIAONE is the party for decent everyday Australians who want the best future for themselves, their families, their local communities and Australia.

AUSTRALIAONE must take back control of our local councils, as well as our state and federal parliaments. No matter who you are, here’s your opportunity.

AUSTRALIAONE is committed to strengthening Australia as a sovereign, self-reliant, Judeo- Christian western democracy which is economically powerful, militarily intimidating, politically free, culturally vibrant, and socially cohesive.

Join Aisling O’Loughlin for this extended interview with the inspirational Riccardo Bosi. Wednesday at 9pm on The Irish Inquiry.

Written by The Irish Inquiry


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  1. What a revelation! Our politicians, police chiefs, judges, ministers etc, etc! What a disgraceful, disgusting bunch of despots we have had in high places! – Since 1973! Starting with Gough Whitlam!

  2. Riccardo Bosi is one of the most inspiring Australians I think I’ve ever seen.
    There is no bullshit when it comes to this bloke, I’d love to see him leading the government of Australia.

  3. It seems that the Western Christian Countries are the Target.To destroy our Economies and our lives.China and Russia will take advantage,but they may not be the Instigators.The Elite may have done a deal with West haters,to carry out this plan.When it's done they divide up the spoils.The Elite don't care about Countries or people,they will take a Country.

  4. RICCARDO BOSI is a real ANZAC and a true Aussie hero and doesn’t he love the F word 🙈. We need more Warriors like Riccardo to help take down these silver spoon pedophile traitors . 🇦🇺🏁🎄Merry Christmas Bigguy and a Happy new year ✌

  5. My doctor won’t give me a medical certificate for my anxiety induced by my employer standing me down regarding my vaccination status. My employer (coles) wants documentation from me as to why I am absent and suffering anxiety.

  6. I think to be fair to the proportion of society that bought this so readily, is how rapidly this all unfolded. By design.
    Hopefully their pride won't stop them from seeing things the way they really are.

  7. Vote 1 : AustraliaONE
    Riccardo Bosi…
    Yes. The WHITE HATS are in Control….
    Ive not voted on years… I was able to get my name wiped of…
    Im NOW going to vote 2022…
    All LIBERALS. LABOURS. GREEBS are to be totally DUMPED…. Theyve proove they are TREASONISTS.
    absolute CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY especially against CHILDREN. UNBORN. BABIES…..
    Sooner the better Ricky-baby has more power correctly in Canberra the better…
    His another TRUM0 TYPE..
    Praise God Almighty in Yeshuas name. Amen.💝💝💝🌅🎆

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