ALARMING spike in newborn baby deaths: Investigation launched

A record breaking spike has been reported in Scotland, and authorities are investigating. What could be causing this?

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Written by Dr. Suneel Dhand


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  1. I assume because you didn't mention it that there are no autopsy reports, so we don't know what was the cause of these deaths. I would imagine that would be important?
    We all know what changed two years ago, so we feel safe thinking "it" was the catalyst, but it certainly would be nice to know what it did to these newborns.
    As to those pushing an untested medicine on pregnant women, it is not just wrong, but it is the manifestation of evil.

  2. I am in Canada and have a nurse friend working in two hospitals. Sept 2021 I bumped into her at a protest and she told me "unofficially" (secretly) there had been MANY newborn deaths (I forget the number now) in those two hospitals – a staggering number – and it was being hidden from the public. After almost 3 years of the lies I keep uncovering, I just don't trust any "authorities", politicians, institutions… I started off bewildered for 2 years, constantly researching, trying to be as impartial as possible; now I'm just angry – and occasionally deeply sad. Constantly looking for hope and love, and rejoicing when I come across it.

  3. Perhaps it’s time to switch from being an M.D. to N.D (naturopath doctor). You’d make a great naturopath doctor where there is no corruption in the field. Think about it. 🤔

  4. German pathologist Prof.Dr.Arne Burkhardt has publically shown medical evidence for clots that lead to bleeding as an result of the vaccine.
    This surely has had an impact on mothers and their babies!

  5. Guess people shouldn't have rushed out and got these shots!!! Most did by choice and now you want sympathy!! No, sympathy goes to the ones that were forced to take the shot!!! ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN!!! I was one of the smart ones and said, NO NO!!!!

  6. They wanted me to get vaccinated when I was pregnant and every time I said NOPE! When it’s no longer experimental and then we will talk. There’s no way of knowing the issues that vaccine can cause 5, 10 or 20 years from now. I’m not pumping something in my body much less in my child’s body just to be their guinea pigs. Nope.

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