ALASKA GOES BLUE? – How RCV & Party Division Flipped a Safe Red House Seat

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Sarah Palin lost to Mary Peltola in a close race where Republicans outvoted the Democrats by close to 20 points and Peltola did not even get 40 percent of the vote. I analyze the perils of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in this video and explain why this result is not bad news for Republicans this fall (at least not in Alaska).

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  1. What's so hard to understand about Ranked Choice voting? Rank the candidates from your favourite to least favourite. If your favourite candidate is knocked out by a low primary vote, your vote gets redistributed to your second option.

  2. You are exactly correct in saying that Rank Choice has been pushed in Alaska as a way to protect and re-elect Murkowski. Her own campaign staff admitted that. My big problem with rank choice is twofold. 1. It forces me to take my voting "capitol" and divide it among several candidates. Mathematically, consider the following example: choice 1= 3 points, 2= 2 points, and 3=1 point. I have 6 points to cast. In normal voting, 100 % of my vote goes to one candidate. In rank choice, my number one candidate will only get 50% of my vote. I will either have spend my remaining 50% on candidates I don't like, or be disenfranchised for half of my voting power. Many of us are now forced to lose a big portion of our voting power. I feel like I am now half of a voter. My second point is that rank choice will work to eliminate candidates with strong platforms and values. Those candidates will polarize people and often do well in one voter one vote systems which our country is supposed to be. The do not tend to earn many 2nd choice votes and are at high risk in a rank choice system. Rank choice systems are built with the idea of building consensus, but the last thing our country needs now is Neville Chamberlain Politics and more mediocrity in our leaders.

  3. isn't it possible that palin didn't win because alaskans don't like her and are embarrassed by her? stop the cope, guys. this is a state that has murkowski as a senator, and has for some time. it's not deep red like wyoming or idaho.

  4. Here's the issue, we cannot just go "oh, well without rank choice…" No. More and more states are going to be adding rank choice. We have to know how to get information out to win in rank choice voting systems, not blame the system when we lose because we were behind the ball on the thing.

  5. >let's make the voting system as confusing as possible
    >the math says it's better this way
    >assuming votoids are high IQ living calculators who only make purely logical and rational decisions
    I don't trust when people say ranked choice is better because theorists are autistic and completely divorced from reality. But I guess that's the point of democracy: as many retarded voters as possible, as confounding a system as possible so informed voting is difficult, permanent oligarchic rule

  6. They changed how the voting system was setup so that each vote didn't count equally as one vote. This needs to get investigated thoroughly as this was the testing ground for the future.

  7. RCV did not kill this election for the GOP. The voters who chose to vote Dem or not pick the other GOP candidate as their 2nd choice made the decision not to vote based off of political parties. Even with plurality voting, the Dem still would've won. The alaska gop are not united

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