Albanese will make things worse! #auspol

#costofliving #environmentalism #heisesays
Labor’s obsession with environmental virtue signalling will destroy our quality of life.


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  1. Given himself a pay rise already! 🤢

    It’s no coincidence that the left now are in charge of America, Canada, Australia,Nz, Germany, France ect, ect.

    Anyone seen the Rona?

  2. HEY FLORIAN, I thought you were a better faith person than this utter pile of crap.

    Why don't you just put "I Vote Liberal and we aren't responsible FOR ANYTHING" shirt on.

    FACT #1: Scomo and company held power for the last 8 years and despite plenty of warnings from the engineering community DID NOTHING.

    FACT #2: Scomo and company commissioned the "Future Energy Report" put out by a (not so independent) committee of gas executives and 2 union guys who represent the gas industry and their answer was "surprise, surprise, surprise" GAS.

    FACT #3: Despite telling the entire Nation to great fan fare the future was gas, Scomo and company DID NOT secure our gas supply. How in hell is it Albo's fault the gas supply isn't secure?

    FACT #4: Yeah as an engineer I am tired of the bad planning of our energy sector. I TOLD YOU THAT THE OTHER DAY AND WE DISCUSSED IT. I even offered to be on your show and explain the engineering side.

    When are in an energy crisis that has been coming for over 25 years.

    Sure Labor did fark all when they were in power and sure all the pro-greenies have made a mess but your Liberal mates could have fixed this anytime on the last 8 years and they were DRUNK at the wheel boozed up on coal and gas money.

    Buddy either do better or go back to being an architect.

  3. If Labor had racked up half as debt as liberals have people would be angry but since the prudent liberals did it its ok. Also the electricity policy is the states responsibility what's Albo in power for 4 weeks have anything to do with the current so called crisis?

  4. Wasn't he the one who wanted to end neg gearing and exemption on share franking ,he spoke about this a few years back ,people get what they vote for.The greens are the major cause of the power generation problems over the years , now they want to make the state forests national parks so the homeless who reside in these parks will need to be living in public parks in small towns ,everything they do is totally unproductive.

  5. Giving serious thought to moving to Thailand, even though I am not poor.
    Why would I live in an expensive third world country, when I could live in a cheap third world country?

  6. Pretty low blow to criticise him for being fatherless. He was born carrying that chain and didn't get to choose that circumstance for himself. And yet he got pretty far despite it. A surprisingly unempathetic comment from you.

  7. Lol. I thought I was giving myself some protection by buying energy shares, but I've just read that there is a price cap on what they can charge so they won't be helping me offset as much as I thought. Governments are worthless.

  8. China and India both have over a billion people. We are 25 million. Why are people not protesting these countries lift their game? As if our pitiful population can change anything . Hit them and stop the guilt trip on us 🙄

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