Albanese won’t release Bill Gates Meeting Minutes – Senate Estimates – 13.02.23

Getting information out of Albanese will
be like getting names out of Epstein’s little black

These are the same people that wanted you to show
your vaccination status to everyone, but won’t disclose
what was said between him and Gates or if any
taxpayer money was handed out.

And there is still no decision on whether or not a Royal
Commission will be held. No doubt they want to roll
out a few more boosters before they come to that

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  1. We already bought everything he peddles and as a show of servitude we agreed to build brand new factories able to pump out billions of doses of whatever he determines is necessary and of course safe , effective , and very profitable.

  2. Bill Gates thinks he owns us. At least he plans to. What food we eat. How it's grown. What experimental medicines we take. The WHO wants to override all the rights we have as citizens to chose what we put in our body's. The new WHO treaty which BG has been tirelessly working on, is an attempt to force every citizen of every country who is part of the WHO, to get vaccinated If there is a Pandemic. Bill has already predicted another one in 2025. How convenient of him. The US govt under Joe Biden has used EcohealthAlliance, under Peter Daszak, to set up 16 new biolabs in Southeast Asia. Dr. Peter Daszak is the man responsible for pushing research on bat viruses and sending funds to Wuhan Institute of Virology. He works for the CIA. We are being betrayed by our own govts and we need to put a stop to "gain of function" research. We need to have govt representatives that are not part of the WEF which is using the WHO to try and override our personal freedoms. Bill Gates is the enemy of every freedom loving person on the planet.

  3. obamas e mails read he likes hotdogs/little boys more then cheese pizza/little girls.some times you have to finish the meal because its getting old.wonder if any food was mentioned in the meeting

  4. Who the hell is bill gates to be having a private meeting with Australias sitting prime minister ? He’s not a world leader, he’s just a guy who started a business which has done well… with a lot of help from government money and handouts..he’s taken that money, started charity’s and is then using that money to manipulate society. As a voting Australian I’m not interested in our prime minister having private meetings with bond villains.. I would be surprised if our prime minister ( a man of the working class people ) doesn’t end up with a few more handouts which he uses to strip more Aussies away from home ownership by buying more rental properties. How can a guy who works for the public who struggle strip so much wealth away from the people he’s meant to serve and still keep getting more, public servants pay is ridiculous…. Doubly so when theirs private networking meetings with guys like bill gates.

  5. They are all totally clueless. Why do they bother to show up if none of them bring any actual information with them! 😡 What a colossal waste of time and money. 😡😡

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