Alberta judge rules Chief Medical Officer’s order on gathering limits not applicable to protests | Help fund Pastor Artur’s legal defence
Rebel News joined Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers, who observed these potentially game-changing court proceedings, to discuss the broader impacts of this decision.

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  1. Take note because this is how the legal system works in Canada. The poor person has been arrested & ticketed unjustly, then after great delays & much stress they are finally exonerated. If they didn’t have high quality lawyers like her they wouldn’t have a hope in hell. The police just destroy, stress out & upend peoples lives & it’s wrong. I support the police but they need to wake up & give their head a shake

  2. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights demands the free expression of political views including in gatherings, did Canada withdraw from that?

  3. Christmas services in Assad's Syria were well attended and by the very elderly, no masks in sight because Assad is the stereotypical "bad guy".

  4. So it is true. The west is out of Ottawas radar range. We have a court free enough to do the right thing without criminal interference. Let’s keep it that way.

  5. I am sure the police new what they were doing was against the law but they do not care. they get their way and later a judge overturns them. They got what they wanted, lawyers made money all is well in Canada land right. ahahha

  6. Laws should be made clear and visible. If you constantly need a lawyer or court to interpret, it is a badly written law. An example are the mischief arrests in Ottawa this past winter.

  7. Every arrest will need to go to court, that way more lawyers get their share of The System.

    Th System has been made complicated, so you need to get a lawyer for more $$$$.

  8. I think in view of the community standard of 40 million people, Trudeau should face a suspension of the spinal cervix and then given community service to support a worm farm.

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