Alec Baldwin Settles Out Of Court


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  1. "When he pulled the trigger and the gun fired" is how it should read…..this is one of the many reasons why common people are weirdly afraid of just seeing guns.. guns do not fire unless made to!!!!! Guns don't just randomly discharge… so many people handle guns improperly and then blame the gun when they make a mistake… if a weapon discharges, a human is responsible. Period..

  2. this is the problem rich guys can get out of murder and he murdered her intentionally because she was going to tell everyone that he had raped her and he could not have that happen the evidence is clear and there’s a witness that cooperates this but if you have enough money you can get away with murder it’s just us four sum!

  3. Didn't you hear that? The left wing. George Soros backed prosecutor in charge of the case Just left and passed it over to a hardcore mega prosecutor. Baldwin is actually in a little bit of trouble

  4. I was not aware that you could SETTLE a god damn MURDER. This is not a question on whether or not the family of the victim is compensated – this is a matter of due punishment and the safety of the society around. I don't think Alec will be wandering around murdering people just because of this, but due punishment for EVERYONE is a must for a fair and functioning civilization.

    Alec should be held accountable for his murder. With this I hope people will remind him at every turn because he has NOT served his time and deserves to hear it over and over again the rest of his life.

  5. what I don't understand is why the Fuck we still use real guns/guns that can do damage on set? It's a movie not a shooting range, we have the best CGI of our time that can EASILY create a realistic gun shot for a tiny scene. COME ON, we have atrocities of CGI like the CATS movie in full CGI, a 3 second clip of a shootout isn't exactly too much for the people creating it. The whole thing is tragic and so so stupid. Dont have guns on set, easy enough right?? But maybe thats "Hindsight" but no, many other actors and celebs have died from this and we STILL haven't learned. NO GUNS ON SET.

  6. It all comes down to who loaded the gun with live rounds. Alec is an actor who's job it is to aim the pretend gun at someone and pretend to shoot them. Those who maintain the weapons on the set are responsible for this incident. And why are they using live rounds on location in the first place? If you want to get the feel of an actual firearm, you go to a licensed range and put holes in paper with live rounds under supervision.

  7. Husband gets an executive producer credit because the lore around the movie now will cause a lot more people to go to the theaters to see it causing it to make way more money. Since he’s a producer he will get a cut of that cash.

  8. He may have settled with her family, but there’s still a criminal case against Tim and Alec will be going to jail. He knows he screwed up his blamed everybody else under the sun and throwing everybody else under the bus because he can do no wrong but you know here’s the thing if you did no wrong why did he said that’s the point he knows he screwed up. He knows what he did. He’s now starting to admit it he just doesn’t want to go to jail.

  9. I despise these people so much! "When IT" discharged a round. Oh my fucking god!, you had dozens of people disproving the "it went of by itself" bullshit with the same gun. They gotta save his face after killing someone with a gun because of an appalling lack of gun safety on set, but since he is anti gun and even tweetet something like: "I wonder how it feels to wrongfully kill someone", he is excused and the gun is at fault, even tho it can't do that! But since he is anti gun, he is excused and he has all the media defend him, calling it a "prop gun", wich is meant to be interpreted as it being a blank. But being the "man" he is, he can just settle out court, with no prison sentence, while they attempted to put Kyle in jail for the rest of his life, just for defending himself.

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