Alec Baldwin Talks For The First Time After Killing Woman – Goes Badly


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  1. He should stfu and let the court talk. Everything he says from this point on is liable for court hearing. He shouldn't even be considered for anything social.

  2. Right back to preaching about gun laws – you’ve already killed one person because you clearly don’t know how to handle guns 🥴 how about you shut up your divvy virtue signaller

  3. I have a family member who is serving a life sentence in prison, without parole for murdering her husband. She insists she didn't do it, but because she made the joke in front of 5 friends at a party saying "One of these days, I'm just gonna shoot him in the head", a few days before he was, in fact, shot in the head, she's behind bars for the rest of her life.

    Alec, on the other hand, tweeted out to the millions of followers of his verified twitter profile "I wonder what it feels like to murder an innocent person" before shooting an innocent person in the face, and he's out grabbing coffee in Vermont.

    This is what privilege looks like.

  4. Maybe those two people shouldn't have been standing where Mr. Baldwin decided he wanted to shoot. This is Alec Baldwin we're talking about. Of course there is going to be live rounds on the set. We need to add another rule regarding safe gun handling. Get out of the way when Alec is practicing his quick draw. That's now rule 1. NEXT Treat every gun as if it's loaded. etc. Of course Alec is acting strange. A lady died because she failed to adhere to gun safety protocols. Maybe we should ask the people who were shot why they didn't simply duck. This is ALEC BALDWIN. Not to mention that there is a thing called body armor. Nobody even mentions the fact that maybe this could have all been avoided if the victims would have been wearing a simple bullet proof vest. I don't know why he doesn't just say "I chose to fire a round where they happen to be standing. I'm Alec Baldwin! Now get over it!". Think about how many people are going to go see this movie now. Instead of signing autographs Alec will just wing you in the shoulder with his 45.

  5. His interactions with his wife remind me how I treated my friend when I (7yo) was trying to convince my parents to let me go to a movie (that had semi-naked women in it!! but they didn't know that!), and my friend kept trying to say something and I kept shushing him for fear he'd say something stupid about the semi-naked women! My parents, not being stupid, quickly realized that something wasn't right and did not let me see it!
    Are we seeing the same actions in Alec? Hmmm….

  6. One question. If someone on the set handed Alec a "Cold Gun", would he point it at himself and pull the trigger without checking?

  7. I personally can't stand Baldwin, but as the saying goes, shit always rolls down hill, so therefore more than likely he won't face any changes, but the prop master surely will.

  8. Im mean i think its a litty ridiculous to call him out for getting coffee a d shopping. And i think he is a moron. I just think there is enough here to not give a shit about that. Just detracts from it. And to act like you would know how to act or how yoh would act after something like this is kinda dumb sounding. Other then that , youre the best guy keep doing it!!

  9. Alec KILLED a woman!! Completely IRRESPONSIBLE and he needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE PERIOD!! Both him and his COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED lil girl in charge of REAL GUNS!!

  10. I don't trust anything Baldwin says. Being naturally suspicious, I can't help wondering if there was something going on between Baldwin and his victim that went sour and Baldwin took care of the problem. No one deliberately points a gun at someone's chest and pulls the trigger by accident. Only in children's games of cowboys & indians using cap guns will you find children pointing their guns at another child and pulling the trigger.

  11. If I'm honest people in the comment section are fucking nuts and I don't care for the left or right. But holy fuck I have never seen insanity before till looking through these comments. Call me a libtard and a leftist all you want just proves my point.

  12. It’s all probably just publicity stunt. The movie was a burn out so they had to create some sensational event to forge some negative 2A agenda. Look To see 2A attacks to follow.