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  1. Basic gun safety: when someone hands you a firearm you check it. Period. Full stop. Who ever pulled the trigger is responsible for whatever comes out of the barrel.

  2. People getting their panties in a knot over Baldwin pointing a gun at someone. The whole 'don't sweep someone', 'never point a gun at someone' cannot apply here. The audience demands up close, gun, film shots. This often requires the camera to be at the other end of the barrel. Not just the camera, but the entire film shooting crew, director etc. This is why there is a designated firearms expert in charge of all the weapons on set. Obviously the fact that the gun wasn't directly handed from the expert to the actor is a massive problem, it is a requirement that the firearm must be shown to be safe to the actor and crew immediately before its use on set. I can't even fathom how not only that was overlooked, but the fact that live rounds were being used nearby wasn't identified as a major risk.

  3. The IATSE union members including the armorer were asked to leave the set hours before the director was shot.
    This entire issue was caused by the budget. if you're a exec producer on a 300 million dollar 'cinematic universe', you're going to use special effects in post production not sweat over using firearms on set.
    The 'hundreds of rounds found on set for a three week shoot weren't;t that numerous.

  4. So Michael Rappaport mentions Colin Powell while General Colin Powell had an impressive military career he simply was not a good leader. My uncle was an assistant to one of general Colin Powell’s go to guys from 1989 to 1992, simply put Powell was a shit show as Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff, late for meetings, ones he set up himself, forgetting important classified material and scheduling meeting then never showing up to them and he blew it on the Bosnian crisis. We’ll it’s tragic he died, he had history of blowing it when it counted like in the lead up to Iraq invasion. These Hollywood types too never gave two shits about Colin Powell till he supported they’re cause.

  5. I think people like Micheal Rappaport know at least on some subconscious level they are absolute scumbags so they project their own bad natures onto others maybe even believing that because they think and feel the way they do others must be the same way

  6. This is the equivalent of your employer telling you the work van is “all good” but the brakes cut out and you end up killing someone in a car accident. But the employee should have known something was wrong because all men are mechanics right? No they’re not. That death falls on whoever cleared that van to be used. That same logic should apply to a gun not being checked and killing someone. If he had done this in his own time it’d be on him. Him being anti gun makes him look like an idiot that’s for sure and he would most definitely be typing up an antigun tweet if it didn’t happen to him but that doesn’t change the lability aspect

  7. It passed to 3 for them all to check the weapon before it passed.
    1 set weapon up passes it to another weapon expert to check.
    Next is to unload and check condition then reload. And pass to actor. Then stands there and watch’s the actor check the rounds.
    It a 3 person check for redundancy that all failed

  8. Michael calling ANYONE “miserable” is hilarious! EVERY SINGLE WORD of his mouth is negative, an insult, something nasty, or a complaint. And let’s not forget the Olympic gold medal for mental gymnastics he deserves for truth twisting, and avoiding reality. The guy can’t form an “opinion”, without knowing the political beliefs of the people involved. Having morals, and standing by what is right, is a concept he can’t grasp. It ALWAYS comes down to painting a narrative with that guy. What a tool.

  9. Imagine being Bearing, and making a whole YT video regarding the on-set tradegy of death, for money. Makes sense, given you're knee deep in the anti-SJW, Yemini adjacent circles, yeah Bearing?

  10. Hollywood doesn't use prop guns anymore. They use real guns with blanks. There were several misfires throughout the previous week and that's why the actual head armoree quit the job leaving it up to the twenty-four-year-old moron who only got the job because her father is a famous armorer in the business.

    This was only her second film in that job. Her previous job was the Nicolas Cage western movie and reportedly he only uses live rounds whenever he films. That doesn't excuse what happened here.

  11. Not sure what New Mexico's Laws are but in Texas, yes, there is a good chance of an involuntary manslaughter charge. You go to jail if a child gets ahold of your gun and shoots someone.

    Yeah, in most places in the US, you are liable for what you do intentionally or negligently.

  12. Holy crap they put some 24 yr old millennial snowflake in charge of guns so that's on them. With age comes wisdom and you don't put a child in charge of deadly weapons unless you want somebody to get hurt. The guns were locked up in a safe during their lunch break, according to the sheriff dept statement but the ammo was left out on an unsupervised cart.