Alex Jones documentary banned from social media

Florence Read meets documentary filmmaker Alex Lee Moyer.

Alex Lee Moyer is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker whose films have appeared at Sundance and SWSX festivals. Her latest movie — made with independent production company Play Nice — is called Alex’s War. It is an investigation of Alex Jones, but despite it only being on only out on pre-sale, she has already found that her attempts to market the film have been blocked by the social media giants because of the controversial subject matter.

Flo Read spoke to director Alex Lee Moyer about the suppression of her film.

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000:00 – 00:51 – Introduction
00:51 – 02:04 – What happened when filmmaker Alex Lee Moyer tried to release her Alex Jones documentary?
02:04 – 07:26 – What are the implications of banning Alex’s film and censoring the trailer?
07:26 – 15:43 – What is the narrative of Alex’s War?
15:43 – 22:35 – Is Alex Jones the Bob Dylan of the modern heterodox era? What is he really like, as a person?
22:35 – 25:26 – Has online censorship actually helped Alex Lee Moyer’s documentary?
25:26 – 26:04 – Concluding thoughts

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  1. Here in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian it became obvious that all media foreign and domestic were told not to video or talk about certain things , and every one of them followed orders , they came with a narrative , and got the video and interviews to support that agenda , and ignored the truth that would have saved lives and suffering .
    Sometimes you need a crazy person like Alex Jones to get the truth out .

  2. People are waking up to the corruption in the power elite. Jones might be a flame for the populist anti elite feeling in the US. He really mostly just aggregated the research of many people who are truth seekers.

  3. I don't know much about Alex Jones other than that he is a 'thing' but I definitely would watch a documentary about him and I cannot imagine in what world it is ok to de-platform ads about a documentary about a controversial personality. It is right up there with book-banning and of course we know that there is a certain segment of the population who will always want to read the books that we are told not to! The more someone 'official' doesn't want me to read or watch something, the more I want to read or watch it to form my own opinion.

  4. The same people that have been persuaded by fear to let themselves be injected with an experimental genetic alteration call him crazy.
    The same individuals that insist than men can get pregnant.
    “If they can make you believe absurdities, they can make you commit atrocities”

  5. Hey Unherd, does it not bother you the slightest the company you keep? It's one thing to have contrarian voices on economics, the Russia/West standoff or other world affairs within the realm of polite conversation; It's another to have an almost unanimous cesspit cheering for Alex Jones in the comments. Perhaps a good time to stop and think whether you're on the right track or not… Just saying.

  6. If the media, including social media thought Alex Jones was really just a crack pot who said everything that was false they would not sensor him so hard. But the media have protected pedophiles Epstein, they have protected rapist (me too). The court system and the DOJ have protected these people too. How come we don't know who Epstein's clients were? He had ten beds in three houses but we only know about Epstein. Really? Alex Jones may get things wrong. But judging by the blow back, the media and the government think he's getting a huge amount right. And many average persons agree.

  7. Alex is an egocentric popularizer, opportunist and an exaggerator, but that doesn't qualify as justification to utterly ban anyone from even talki g about him. It is absurd in the extreme what has been done to this film maker. Ridiculous

  8. Alex Jones is cia puppet 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️bought and paid for. All you have to is list to his ex employee David Knight jones not all truth. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. Jones got famous for 9/11 truth. He swore Giuliani was in on the attacks- building 7 and all that. But he turned around and supported Trump and his horrible pals. Including Rudy. That's why I quit taking anything he says seriously. America loves to be scolded and Jones' Hitler-esque rasp is appealing to those who love to stay angry 24/7. He and Trump tried to overthrow the government by force. It was just an extension of Jones' method of operation. His "interviews" are the most one-sided farces on the planet. He continually interrupts and just can't seem to shut up for even 30 seconds. Rational discussion is not part of his repetoire. He just bullies his way through at enough decibels to wake the dead. Whatever value he may have once had has long since disappeared down the fascist rabbit hole he now endorses,

  10. Between about 2006 and 2012 I listened to many, many hours of Alex's show. I always took it with a large handful of salt, but found him refreshing and fun. I also read leftist books at the same time for balance. In all those hours I never heard overtly racist or any other 'ist' statements, just an obsessional belief in freedom and humanity.

  11. Its bc #alexjones is right. They target and keep thousands of us from living desirable lives with big tech "errors" stealing our time on hold while they dck around trying to get us to shout terror threats so they can arrest us. Totally unfair and why you see all the riots etc. #tuckercarlson and the worlds smartest people blew the whistle and then #covid19 was released. It will never reopen until this sht stops. #timpool #joerogan #ufc
    They exaggerated the terror threat and pedo threat to justify no annonymous communications or privacy. That way they can individually target whoever they want without the others knowing. Then they claim mental health when you try to explain the crimes to others. #russellbrand #nfl #tmz
    I have multiple degrees and have been inside interviewed with the nsa. In self defense all I could do is document their attacks. I email alexjones and other media outlets daily since. I documented my 12 years of torture with handcarts of examples. I gave it to many attorney generals, bbb, cfpb, governors, ftc, celebrities, sports stars, etc. Now i have over 20,000 followers and the torture continues. Mafia runs it. They hit me with cars too. Have dashcam footages of the chases. They hit us with cars too on active roads. All of this is documented with insurance in multiple states. They refused proper treatment thereafter. They have no rules. I train like a cia agent and practice toastmasters international speeches so I can eventually outline their crimes. Its behavioral modification real time in lockstep with what they find with the big tech mining. You try to make a call out and you get one of their agents. They pretend to be the companies and even have access to company accounts like fbi agents on steroids. Its called transreceiving the messages. They are supposed to do a quick threat assessment and get you off phone once they realize you arent a terrorist. They dont though. They poke the bear for free overtime and to continue their tortures. They ruin credit banking and insurance. All illegal but they do anyway. Hours of hold times for simple things. You go to pay insurance and it says "server error please call", no fault of my own…i call and get the same few voices disguised as different names. They then troll and mess it up more. You go to the judge and they have no record of the calls, threaten me with wiretapping laws when i tried to show judge the recorded calls. See how it works? They also search our premises nonstop. They eventually peeled back the roof paper during a storm in baltimore maryland and didnt process my renters insurance. Refunding it for no reason even after it was paid to pull off their roofleak crimes. Similar when it came to paying credit lines or other essential transactions when it came to banking and travel. I can produce records of this and plan to once im protected as a senator or diplomat. #nwo

  12. People always brandish someone a conspiracy theories if they have points that go contrary to the mainstream belief.

    Conspiracy theories nearly always have SOME basis in reality, if not entirely.

    Every social media platform will be terrified to advertise a man who will clearly highlight them as a problem.

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