Alex Jones’ Infowars To File Bankruptcy Over Sandy Hook Lawsuits


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  1. The decades he has been operating hes only been wrong twice. Sandy hook and Y2K. He's a threat. That's is why he was the first that social media went after. This is why they are using everything to get rid of him.

  2. The System is a Fraud & Compliance is Alliance..
    Stand Firm with compassion together. Take notes of who is saying what, so they can be held accountable when the smoke clears.
    Their intent is to control our thoughts and feelings towards one another, in attempt to turn us against each other. This way they can come in, eliminate more of us and still look like the good guys. Don't let them fool you. They believe intelligence is secrecy.

  3. Amazingly, one of the mothers of a child lost at SH was also "the mother" of the fat chick "ran over" by the car in Charlottesville

    I say "ran over", because the car never touched her, and she was lying still on the side of the road, and was probably already dead when the car got near her

  4. One thing I have noticed is mass shootings and school shootings go up drastically when Democrats are in power and every one of them did it with a ar15. The very rifle they’re trying to ban.

  5. If 100,000,000 million people donated 1$ each…that’s all he needs
    David icke, and Alex , have been called shills in the past, but over time they’ve both been 90 to 95% correct
    Never stop fighting for freedom of choice

  6. The ONLY reason they have not turned YouTube off is because it would then be obvious to the normies what is going on.
    Youtube is dumb for helping – cos every authoritarian regime eats its own eventually

  7. Salty, don't know if this is a thing but as of late when I hit the like button on your vids it does not show I liked it until I close and open the video again. I can hit the button multiple times with no luck. But if I close and re-open it will show I liked the vid (if the last I hit the button after multiple times happens to be like as opposed to un-liking). Does not happen on other channels. Maybe it's just me but I thought that weird AF. Stay salty.

  8. Sandy Hook
    San Bernardino
    All alternate stories questioning the “real story” have been taken off of YouTube. You can no longer question the mainstream narrative or you will just be taken down. Hopefully Elon in starting with Twitter and gonna work his way through the rest to save free speech in America.

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