Alex Jones Just Did The Impossible In Court

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. This will get appealed and any reasonable court will understand that you cannot penalize someone like this for what is so obviously a free speech issue.

  2. I don’t think he was wrong. Sandy Hook is shady as shit, and there is a bigger story there no one will be privy to. It’s unfortunate that they attack Jones instead of digging into why there are so many inconsistencies.

  3. Alex Jones “red pilled” me a decade ago. I never believe any politician before I saw him and just couldn’t explain why….. You can go back to normal after that.

  4. Im so confused. Sandy hook was 10 years ago. I'm almost certain Alex already lost a law suit and had to publicly apologize about 6-8 years ago. This is an attempt to silence Trump supporters all in tandem. Its too obvious

  5. Everybody saw what, it's in what documents? Maybe we would know if you didn't butcher the joke by pausing it, skipping through it, and trying to explain it pre-joke. Just let the video play my man it speaks for itself 🤦‍♂️

  6. But we have examples of trials going through against media outlets in defamation suits. Kyle Rittenhouse and Nick Sandman just to name a couple. The view is being sued and others.

  7. people need to realize this is a VERY SLIPPERY SLOPE because if this doesn't get thrown out for corrupt judge and jury who were proven to be bias af and corrupt practices doxing jones illegally the case needs to be thrown out and and new judge appointed because jones' freedom of speech was CLEARLY violated if he is liable for people that act out in a way HE NEVER PROMOTED than car manufacturers and tool makers would be held liable for damages and pain and suffering from all the accidents in the world it's literally why we have a constitution! This will be a pretense for other cases to come that suppress freedom of speech which is tyranny and it's the same thing they are pulling with the second amendment and the jan 6 protest this is more proof of the destruction of OUR RIGHTS

  8. He should have brought out every democrat who put the Supreme Court justices addresses and said people should show up there! He should have brought up every single hypocritical thing the dems have gotten away with!

  9. Don't stand for this persecution of Alex Jones. We have the RIGHT to free speech. And that includes the right to QUESTION everything and everyone as well as the right to DISBELIEVE. Anything or anyone. Period. Stand up and support Alex Jones. I just heard it was 45+ million dollars… not just the 4.1.

  10. You are a young guy so you likely won't know about Mr. William Cooper, he was the first person to blow the whistle on the Bush family, and he predicted and suspect 9/11, and he was murdered in front of his house, he called out Alex Jones as a CIA asset, then more recently the horrible case against journalists miss millennial millie, she was part of mr. Alex Jones associated press and he turned his back against her when she blew the whistle several months before the elections, she was gagged by supreme court order to keep silent or they would take her children.
    Alex Jones is a CIA asset.

  11. Sorry, he was not wrong. He is wrong to now lie, saying he was wrong,fabricating the false narrative that now he sees the light. Sandy Hook was a conspiracy, too many stops and starts and inconsistencies. The governor, the med examiner, the smirking state police, all the b s.

  12. There were a lot of disturbing things about this case, but the most glaring for me is there insistence that Alex was 100% wrong. Was he, though? I've always kind of cringed whenever someone called Sandy Hook a hoax. However… There were many very suspicious "details," we'll call them, around the whole Sandy Hook incident. Almost all of them having to do with the news, publicity regarding the incident, the politicization of it, and some footage that was just so bizarre and dramatized as well as factors about the aftermath of the shooting that were just handled extremely poorly. Of the former, one example is the leaked footage that shows, I believe he may have been an investigator or someone tied to the police department, clearly laughing and joking around before walking up to the podium and very abruptly (like an actor,) turning very solemn and speaking as though fighting back tears. As for the latter, poorly handled aspects, I'd refer to initial reports that claimed they were leaving the bodies in the school for some reason when logic dictates they be removed as swiftly and inconspicuously as possible to lessen the chances of someone seeing something traumatic. This is usually done as soon as photos have been taken and markers for pertinent details about position, etc., are in place. Allowing too many hours to pass is horrifically poor judgement, if that was indeed what they did. Furthermore, the footage supposedly being shot from a helicopter as they laid tarps out for the victims in a VERY orchestrated fashion, as if arranging them on display just for the cameras. Lastly, the very succinct and, conveniently, narrowly focused statements by victims' families focused on rhetoric aimed at unconstitutional gun control measures. To me, these details were fishy as hell. They didn't say "hoax" to me, but what they did say was, "Hyperbolic, emotionally-manipulative tragedy being weaponized and politicized by propagandists: Rife with lies, trust with caution." When so many people were getting these kinds of vibes, is it any wonder people started questioning the whole thing? Even these parents REALLY cared about the memory of their children being sullied or whatever, they may wanna place that blame where it belongs: On the politicians, the mainstream media, and at their own feet. Not to mention, you kinda lose any moral superiority you might boast when you ask for an absurd amount of compensatory damages like $150 million. Court cases filed on principle are usually for $1 for a reason; because life-changing lottery level money poisons the well.

  13. The thing is that now that thier working so hard to silence him thier making him even more famous and are making more people want to hear what he said that got them so ticked to begin with

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